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Accepted LordReavanPlays' Minigames Badge Application

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When did you join?
July 30th, 2021

What is your current rank?

Do you regularly use our voice communication?
Yep, been getting on more and more often recently

Why would you like this badge?
After doing a planning session, it'd be nice be able to run a minigame or two to top off the evening. I'd also like to familiarize myself with the commands again before I apply for anything else.

If you were to get the badge, how often would you use it?
I'd try to use it at least once every time I get on the server, which has been almost every day in recent times.

How would you make the minigames fun and enjoyable?
I like to chat while running minigames so I can get to know people better, plus I like getting to know which places people like best for minigames so I can run Races and H&S there. I've also tried running H&S in different formats before like doing tag in Entmoot, which was pretty fun! Also not many people run races or H&S while I'm on, so I'd like to fill that gap if I can.
Hello @LordReavanPlays

Thank you for your minigames badge application. We have reviewed your application and you will be getting the badge. Congrats!

I will give your the badge on the server and add you to an information channel on Discord.
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