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Accepted LordReavan's Tour Badge App

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When did you join?
July 30th, 2021

What is your current rank?

Do you regularly use our voice communication?
Yep! I get on whenever I find the chance.

What do you think you can do to make a good tour?
I love to keep the tour members interacting with the tour in any way that I can. That means quizzing them, asking opinions on things like builds or environments, leaving sections open for questions, and even running Scavenger Hunt tours where I give the tour-goers a riddle which they must decode to find the next location on the tour. I also want to try and get better at both my Tolkien and server lore alike, and running tours is the best way to do that!

Why would you like this badge?
I want to be able to run tours on a semi-regular basis. If I find a moment where I can run minigames, I run minigames, but if I find a gap of time in my schedule for a day in the future, I wanna be able to do some quick research and then run a good fun tour. Plus we really don't have many tours going on and I'd love to be a part of running them more often!
Hello @LordReavanPlays

Thank you for your Tour badge application! We have discussed your application and decided to give you a trial tour. Please message me on Discord and we will find a good time for the trial tour to take place.
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