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maski98 artist application


Aspiring Member
Date: 21st July 2019
Your interests: I like building in a dwarven style the most. Doing vegetation and interior are things I like to do a lot. I like to build in Anorien style too. Building repetitive things in big qualities is something I love to do for resting and relaxing
Your motivation: I wanna help build the server
Theme: 1440 42620

Moira tomb entrance:


Moria scaffolding:

Moria orc structure:

Repetitive work(paths, smoothing, vegetation, etc): (posting a little of it because couldn't find it all)

Osgiliath work:

I have done a few moria mineshafts, stalagmites, crystals, rivers and a lot, lot, lot slavery work in Osgiliath.
From now on I will post everything I do.
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Head Builder
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Hey @mask98 Thank you for applying for Artist!

It's up to you to keep updating this application. I will check in from time to time and give feedback when I think it's needed. This thread might help you as well.

Good luck!