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MCME Winter Events 2022


-- The MCME Winter Events 2022 --

It's cold, it's chilly, it's winter! That can only mean one thing... more time to keep warm indoors and play MCME. (click here for accompanying sound effect). With all of this extra time on your hands, why don't you take part in the MCME Winter Events this holiday season to keep you entertained. Here's what we have planned for you:

Snowy Hobbiton
Throughout the winter events and into the new year Hobbiton is being redecorated with snow, ice, and more snow! It is currently being redecorated through jobs and will be put on the main map when completed. Be sure to take some screenshots of the wintery builds and events as the MCME Times will be featuring some of the best ones.

Bag End Christmas Competition
Frodo is celebrating Christmas this year and needs to prepare Bag End for his Christmas party. Gather a group of 4 people and get decorating! The event will start on 17th December and ends on 1st January. The rules and how to take part in the competition will be detailed in a separate forum post to keep looking. The winning team will have their Bag End pasted into Snowy Hobbiton and will win a special prize.

Snowball Fights
Ever wanted to chuck snowballs at people? Well now you can. Thanks to @maski98 a new seasonal PvP mode has been developed: the Snowball Fight. You can play this event from now until Spring and it can be run by any Guide. Keep an eye on Discord alerts and news to find out when you can play.

Ice Boat Race
17 December, 6pm UTC

You may have noticed that the Anduin is freezing over, so let's have a boat race on it. @maski98 and @w0rldunder have created a race course down the Anduin and you can take part. be there or get thrown overboard!

Winter Werewolf
18 December, 7pm UTC

@Stoog_Gaming will be running a special Winter Werewolf for the evening, with new characters and new situations. If you love werewolf, then this is going to be a great evening for you.

Campfire and Middle-earth Stories
27 December, 6pm UTC

Warm up sitting around the fire with marshmallows, and a relaxing story read by @Melkor_Belegurth. It will be a perfect time to relax on a winter day.

Movie Marathon
28 December, 9am UTC

@Chipped_Cherry will be streaming “The Lord of the Rings”, with a small 10-15ish minute break in-between each film. It will take about 10-12 hours (depending if it is the extended editions), so it’ll be a whole-day event.

New Year's Celebration
1 January 2023

The new year will have arrived and 2022 will be left behind. @mapthor will be running a new year's celebration with plenty of entertainment and the premier of the anticipated MCME Year in Review 2022!

Well, now you have plenty to do over these cold and chilly times. On behalf of myself and @Chipped_Cherry, the winter events co-leader, thank you to all the players who have made these events possible and we hope you will enjoy them!​
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-- Bag End Christmas Competition --

It's time to help Frodo decorate Bag End for his Christmas Party! Gather a team of up to 4 people and sign up for the event by putting your team name and members in a post below. When you have done that, your team will be assigned to a plot and can start building. You can reach the plots through using these commands:

1 - /plotword
2 - /mvtp plots
3 - /warp Bagend_Xmas

When you are working on the competition, please remember to leave a space where new players can spawn because the winner will have theirs put on the main map for the winter time. Judging will commence on 1st January and the winning team will be announced at the New Year's Celebration event.

Good luck!​
There is a slight chance that maybe I will potentially consider thinking about making an attempt to participate in this competition.
Team name: `C62$j$5%`C
Team member: Ardelenia
After all the hedging I put in this post, I don't feel too bad about saying that I did not do anything. So let me spare you the time of having to check my plot.

Ah wait I see now it's already been judged. Well hopefully you didn't spend too long before realizing.
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