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MCME's 9th Anniversary Events and Awards!


I am proud to present to the MCME community:

~MCME's 9th Anniversary~
~Fall Festival~

MCME's 9th WHAT?!

You heard correctly random citizen! Next Thursday (October 10th) MCME will have seen 9 years of building, rebuilding, and uh... yeah more rebuilding. There are few now who can say they've seen how MCME has grown and developed over this time and I'd just like to applaud all those who have stuck around and committed to this wonderful project and community. I'd also like to show deep appreciation for those who join and contribute anytime they're online as this server wouldn't prosper without each and everyone of our enthusiastic members and guests! In honor of this appreciation, the MCME Team has decided to put on a show and celebrate with a series of events and festivities! Without further ado, I'm proud to announce the start of MCME's 9th Anniversary Events and Awards!

The Awards Ceremony
You guys may have noticed Smaug put up a post a while ago that asked you to submit names for a multitude of different categories! Well, from your submissions we chose the most popular names from each category and now begin our nominee round of voting! The winners of each of these categories will be announced at the Award Ceremony which will begin at 6:00pm (GMT +1) at the Pelargir Theatre! This is an hour before the Public Meeting which will take place at 7:00pm (GMT +1). More info can be found here: 7th Public Meeting!

To vote in the final round of voting, click this link here: https://forms.gle/LbM4GAtAxKoBmpnb9

Make sure to wear your best suit to these events. You will be harshly judged for lacking elegance.

The Events
Now, what can we expect as far as events throughout the month of October? Well I'll tell you:

Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt: Beginning October 12th (after the Awards Ceremony) we will officially open this year's Great Pumpkin Hunt! It will continue through to November 2nd and is being put together by one of our newest brightest guides @wazowskithewhite. More information for this event will be provided after October 12th, so make sure to keep an eye on our forums! The first one to find all the pumpkins will be recognized as this year's winner... Our last year's winner as @QuantaCube who completed the Scavenger in 7 days. That's the time to beat!

Tour de MCME: @Waterice_Man will be conducting a series of races throughout the month of October! As some of you have already noticed, the first occurred today (October 1st) and the last will take place on October 31st. Times for each of the races will be announced a day or two preceding each race. Waterice is also compiling a spreadsheet with each racer's score and the top three best scores will be announced at the end of the month! So get your shoes and booties on and trudge across the vast landscape of MCME for the title of fastest racer!

Quiz Tournament: Be prepared for the most exciting experience of your life. Come and see the mysteries that are held within the darkest parts of your mind as you and your ragtag group of friends travel to the deepest realms of glee and despair. Nothing can surpass the feeling of winning against your fellow comrades as much as a civil game of Trivia. You will leave with either regret or confidence as you know you are the true lore master of MCME.

Join @Soars at 8pm GMT +1 on Sunday, October 20th to partake in our Trivia Night! Sign-ups here: Quiz Tournament

Hide and Seek: We will be playing a game of hide and seek in multiple iconic locations all the way from Bag End to Minas Tirith. You can win by either finding the most people as a seeker or by hiding for the longest time collectively across all games played. Hope to see you all there!
Join @gadget271 on Saturday, October 19th at 7pm GMT +1 for this event!

Shire Pig Race: The Shire is indeed a wonderful, breathtaking land, and what better way to experience this picturesque landscape than joining in with fellow hobbits in this once a year event that covers the entire breadth of the Shire with the foul stench of a Piggu's uhm... filth. Wind your way through the rolling hills as you battle against each contestant upon a glorious mount, in order to earn your spot alongside Bilbo Baggins and "Bullroarer" Brandobras Took, in Hobbit legend!
Join @Raffyyy on Saturday, October 19th at 6:30pm GMT +1 for this event!
(DISCLAIMER: Pigs are provided)

Great Halloween Maze: It just wouldn't be a year on MCME without a ridiculous maze challenge of some kind right? Well your favorite obstacle designer is back on the case! That's me by the way... @Arkengard. I look forward to seeing you guys there as we find our way through the various layers of Cyen Manor :)
This event will take place on October 26th at 7:00pm GMT+1
And to all those interested in participating... Those who take little peeks before the event will be noted...

Great Battle Event: We had such a huge success for the Node guys with our massive 100 person battle! If you didn't get a chance to involve yourself in that event, join the MCME team on October 27th at 7pm GMT +1 as we try to relive that glorious event! Our goal is to get as many people as we can involved for all the epic gamer moments :) If you haven't seen the Node video yet, check it out here:
In Summary:

October 12th
(6:00PM GMT+1) - Award Ceremony w/ The Events Team
October 12th - Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt opens w/ @wazowskithewhite
October 1st - October 31st - Tour de MCME w/ @Waterice_Man
October 19th (6:30PM GMT+1) - Shire Pig Race w/ @Raffyyy
October 19th (8:00PM GMT+1) - Hide and Seek Event w/ @gadget271
October 20th (8:00PM GMT+1) - Trivia Tournament w/ @Soars
October 26th (7:00PM GMT+1) - Spooky Maze Challenge w/ @Arkengard
October 27th (7:00PM GMT+1) - Helm's Deep Battle w/ The Events Team

Additional Information:
Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt Link: (Link will be posted on October 12th).
Awards Poll Link: MCME Awards Voting 2019

If any links do not work, please inform anyone from the Events Team ASAP!


If anyone is lacking a formal attire skin for the ceremony I might be able to whip something up for you. I don't have much time right now though so I probably won't be able to do more than one or two skins before Thursday so first come first served.
The hide & Seek event has been brought forward, this will no longer be on the 19th, and is now on the 13th (this Sunday) starting 6:30pm UTC
See you there!