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Minecraft Middle-earth Quotes Thread

Jake: nobody move! I lost my phone. This isn't good. someone..i don't have any of you guys..LIZZY! Message me on facebook and i'll find it.
Jake: Keep...keep sending them!
*dings...dings more*
Jake: I'm finding it..its over here.
*dings...dings again*
Jake: Keep sending me messages!
Lizzy: I'm trying, the messages are failing to send
Jake: OH!!! It was in my pocket.....kk Lizzy you can stop messaging me now.

*2mins later and his phone is still dinging*

Did you know that toodle do is actually a english-ised version of "A toute a l'heure" meaning every time you say that you admit France is superior and that the english language is a french wannabe?
Out of all the words you could have chosen to make that argument, you chose Toodle do.
Sulyeon: What is a Dungeon Master?
Jord: The guy running the Campaign.
Sulyeon: Who is running the Campaign?
Jord: Rustyluke
Sulyeon: Who is RustyLuke?
Jord: He's a member of MCME.
Sulyeon: Have I met him?
<18:48:46> "SugarKoala [lizzy]": Man, you guys can find all the old screenshots right?
<18:48:52> "SugarKoala [lizzy]": Does this include some bans?
<18:48:56> "JordD04": yup
<18:49:05> "SugarKoala [lizzy]": omg
<18:49:12> "SugarKoala [lizzy]": I want to see these so badly
<18:49:13> "SugarKoala [lizzy]": like
<18:49:22> "SugarKoala [lizzy]": there must be at least 5 badly scuplted dirt dicks
<18:49:32> "SugarKoala [lizzy]": like omg
<18:49:35> "SugarKoala [lizzy]": ahaha
Also, Sulyeon didn't know what a Kiddy Fiddler was, we told her to google it.

Sulyeon: There's a lot of pictures of old men here, and Michael Jackson, and Hermione, there's a lot of Emma Watson pictures.
I join a channel

Dragonhorizon: What
Megga: What did you jsut say Suly?
Suly: *blah blah blah blah* I'm only looking at a 16 or 17 that doesn't make me a pedophile unless I'm like 40 something.
Dragonhorizon: Nobodies calling you a pedophile, Suly
Dragon: Oh, yea. Sorry, that was me.