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    Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft community that recreates the world described by JRR Tolkien and his writings. Everyone can participate in organized events in which we collaborate to create major landmarks, terrain, caves, castles, towns, farms and more.

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Minecraft Middle-Earth Timeline


Is going on an adventure!
Does anyone else remember when I joined? I feel like it was before the 1st Jesse Cox video because I distinctly remember being on Vent when it happened. I also remember being online when EZ joined. I also got promoted to Foreman shortly after I got Quartermaster, when the QM rank was removed I think? But I'm not certain.


Is going on an adventure!
So according to Shorvok in the 2nd Jesse Cox video, I was a 'new foreman' at the time of recording. That was recorded the October 26th 2011. I'm also pretty sure Thfrbidden1 was made a Quartermaster, and later Foreman, the same time as I was.

Shmattins says I got Foreman before him; he got Foreman on Oct 3rd. So in all likelihood I got Foreman sometime in September of 2011.

Additionally, he said he thinks I was on the server before he was. He joined in July 22nd - the day of the 1st Jesse Cox video. So I must pre-date the video?

I'll update this post as I get new information.
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