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Canceled minigame badge application

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Slab Fanatic
  • When did you join? Some time in December
  • What is your current rank? commoner/Donor
  • Do you regularly use our voice communication? I do yes
  • Why would you like this badge? to spread fun around each corner of the server
  • If you were to get the badge, how often would you use it? once a month at best Maybe every couple of weeks
  • How would you make the minigames fun and enjoyable? by including old and new members of the server plus it would be frequent
I've recently been trying to Join vc more often, Ive just been nervous Because I sound younger than I really am
So I was pretty worried, But Im going to more often
Also I do play frequently on the server so Minigames would be played
I really want this badge
Hello @jaeger0818

Thank you for your minigames badge application. The Guides have discussed your application and decided that you will not be receiving the badge at this time. We appreciate your enthusiasm for taking part on MCME, however we do not feel that you are ready for the badge at this time. There are also contradicting parts of your application, for example you say you would run minigames frequently but you also say you would use the badge once a month or every couple of weeks. There are regular badge reviews and they are often removed from people that do not use them enough or haven't used them in over a month. I'm happy for you to message me on discord to talk about how you can improve.
Not open for further replies.