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Accepted Mithrilled's Foreman Application

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Another Moria Worker
Minecraft Username : Mithrilled
Date Joined : December 2018
Country: The Netherlands

Are you regularly logged on our voice communication?
Do you actively speak on our voice communication?
Lately more often than not
Do you have any particular skills?
I am good at giving honest feedback when people ask for it. This would help as a foreman as this plays an important role in being one. I can also communicate with other players well and I enjoy working together with other people.
Why are you applying for this rank?
I am applying because I want to contribute to this project as much as possible. I have been artist for a year now and in this time I have built a lot of stuff, but I want to do even more for the server. The amount of jobs being ran lately is also somewhat disappointing, so I hope I can help increase the amount of them being done.
Some screenshots or pictures of your build attached:
I put a few of the things I did in the last month (?) in an Imgur album. In the past I have built stuff all around Belfalas, Osgiliath, Moria, Anorien and elsewhere.
Just ran my first practise job which was derp fixing all around Gondor (specifically in Andrast, near Linhir and near Greymane Castle). Quite a lot of people joined so I was a bit nervous, but I think it went pretty well. One of the things I could probably improve is the introduction (make everything a bit clearer). After the job I went around all of the areas we worked in and checked if I could find any trees we missed. I could only find a few trees, so I'd say this job was a succes. Huge thanks to @Mershy_ for starting the job and helping me out!

Ran another job on the 7th, which went pretty well. We built some farm walls and mixed some cobblestone all around the castle. I had some connection issues with Discord, but when it happened I quickly switched to local chat for a minute or so to continue the job, after which I got vc working again. Nonetheless I'd say the end result is pretty good. Thanks to everyone who helped out and thanks to Fish for starting the job
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