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In Progress Moria


Staff member
~:~|~:~ Moria ~:~|~:~

Project Leader: @Mershy

Project Staff: @barteldvn @DoctorDaom

Overall Progress: 40%
Fellowship Path Progress - 70% *estimated*


First and foremost, welcome to the Moria progress update post. This post will consist of information regarding the areas in Moria that have been finished this year so far, projects that have been started but still need to be finished and projects that need to be started and taken over. I would like to hope it is informative and an interesting read to see how far Moria keeps moving along. I do encourage you to check these areas out for yourself. So to start off with, the projects that have been finished/need minor additions in Moria.

Finished Projects/Minor Details needed

The Great Cavern - /to The Great Cavern

This area was nicely finished up. The stalagmites and stalactites really make this cave area look quite unique and interesting. Also a connector was finished heading the other way from the fellowship path with another nice cave area with an inn. The other direction heads towards a miners village being lead by draonic_slayer before reaching the "donut" cave.

The Donut Cave

The cave known arguably as the donut was completed quite recently so to speak. The cave was redesigned and features some more builds including some interesting bridges and cave/river elements.

Durin's Crossroads - /to Tomb Cave or /to Durin's Crossroads

Durin's Crossroads saw the completion of many tombs and was a large task which included a lot of people helping out. The top part of the cave was brought forward and detailed accordingly. Jobs for the roads and the smaller tomb caves were made and were completed quickly and efficiently. Overall, a nice project to be a part of and was great to see its completion.

Crumbling Stairs / Khazad Cave - /to Crumbling stairs or /to Khazad

Smaller update but areas around the crumbling stairs and Khazad cave were finished up. Terrain work and goblin structures were built.

Movie cave - /to Movie cave

Mershy Mine - /to Mershy Mine

*Upper Mines has finished.

West Gate Area - /to west gate

West Gate is a large area of Moria that still need to be finished. There are possible plans to replan the region but at the moment this is on hold.

*WestGate project has been finished. https://www.mcmiddleearth.com/community/threads/moria-west-gate.7221/

In Progress

The Great Mines - /to The Great Mines

Great Mines has been progressing thanks to tremendous help from the community. The densest area of the mines is nearing completion, and they are set to continue west. A few textures are required to begin work on the forge area, which should be added soon.

On hold / To be Completed / To be started

21st Hall - /to Twenty First hall or /to Moriauni

21st Hall is a very large project but nonetheless there have been some developments. Most work includes the Moria University area here. This has risen quite quickly and Bart plans to resume this smaller project as soon as. Other work that has been done here includes smaller connections towards storage areas and to the Tomb Cave. Concepts for housing were also created in a plotbuild as well.


EastGold is an area just past the great mines along the fellowship path.

Dwarven Texture Additions - Wyatt

Through a series of recent pack additions, /rp d now has a large number of new textures and models. Most additions have been themed to enhance barracks, libraries, mines, and cave features. A few goblin related models have also been created, although not pushed to the server. This includes a catwalk system, which should make goblin dwellings more unique and rickety looking. Effort has also been made to keep the inventory up to date in dwarven with the addition of a number of previously excluded blocks. Look forward to more texture updates to come!

Final Notes

Overall, some brilliant progress within Moria which gets us closer to finishing the Fellowship path. With the building and the exciting new resource pack updates, it will bring some fresh ideas and motivation to the project.

- Mershy
*Feel free to post any questions or concerns below*
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