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Canceled MrAnimator0208 Guide Application (3rd times the Charm)

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Is going on an adventure!
Minecraft Username : MrAnimator0208
Date Joined : 04/08/2021
What country are from: Northen Ireland
What time do you usually play online: 4-6pm GMT
Are you regularly on our voice communication? Yes
Do you talk on our voice communication? Yes
Why would you like to be a Guide?: I really want to be a guide so I can show new players around and and I know a lot of Tolkien lore and love the server and want to share my wonderful experience with new people because the guides and commoners were so nice to me and I want to do the same.
What makes a great Guide according to you?: Someone willing to help others and will welcome you to the community with open arms.

I have also helped with Gondolin and have designed my own race course!

Here are some of the events I have joined


  • DA HAS.png
    DA HAS.png
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  • Bree HAS.png
    Bree HAS.png
    1 MB · Views: 119
  • Orthanc race.png
    Orthanc race.png
    1,008.1 KB · Views: 107
  • lore hour 1.png
    lore hour 1.png
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  • Lore Hour 2.jpg
    Lore Hour 2.jpg
    1.7 MB · Views: 105
  • RACE.jpg
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Thanks for applying for Guide.

We are in the process of reviewing your application and discussing it. You may be asked to carry out a trial period. This includes running minigames, tours, it events, some of which will be expected to be ran through voice chat on discord.

We'll get back to you soon. For now, if you have any other queries, please direct them towards me
Hello @MrAnimator0208

Over the past few days we have been discussing your application and we have decided that unfortunately we will not be going forward with your application. We would still like you to be more active on the server and getting involved more to become more known in the community. You could achieve this by joining Discord more often, coming to some more events, logging onto the server more, and being helpful in chat.

If you become more active, then I would suggest that you applied for the tours or minigames badge because those can get you involved within the community even more and it would help with a Guide application in the future.

If you have any questions then I would be very happy to answer them on Discord.
Not open for further replies.