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Raffle 2024

Hello everyone!

Thanks to the efforts of the MCME Tolkien Days Organization team and many others from the community, this year we are able to organize in parallel to the Tolkien Days Convention (in Geldern Germany) the first raffle and MCME fundraiser in a long time. We have a great lineup of prizes and the more tickets you buy the more prizes you unlock! Here is a quick rundown:

Starting Prizes:
  1. Mountain Fortress Diorama (35x25x15cm) + merchandise (Posters, Stickers, Special Edition Times Magazine, Bookmark, Flyer and Card)
  2. Black Tower Diorama (11x11x20cm) + merchandise
  3. Black Tower Diorama (11x11x20cm) + merchandise
international shipping supported up to 30$
  1. At 60 Tickets or 300$:
    We will add fully unlocked donor perks for your account on the server (including: elytra, horse, fireworks, etc.) to all prizes.
  2. At 120 Tickets or 600$:
    3 more prizes get added to the pool (now a total of 6 to be won) . These prizes include all the merchandise materials: Posters, Stickers, Special Edition Times Magazine, Bookmark, Flyer and Card. + Full donor perks.
  3. At 180 Tickets or 900$:
    MCME Mugs get added to all unlocked and to be unlocked prizes.
  4. At 240 Tickets or 1200$:
    2 additional, larger Black Tower dioramas (15x27x27) get added to the pool and become the new prizes for places #2 and #3 + merchandise
  5. At 300 Tickets or 1500$:
    Another 2 additional prizes get added to the pool. These will allow the winner to place an order for a custom item or block to be added to MCME which could be made exclusive to their account.
  6. At 400 Tickets or 2000$:
    We'll have raised enough to fund a redesign of the MCME website.
  7. At 500 Tickets or 2500$:
    MCME t-shirts get added to all prizes and an additional 3 prizes containing a shirt only get added to the pool.
  8. At 600 Tickets or 3000$:
    We'll 3D print an impressive Minas Morgul diorama for Tolkien Days 2025.
Get your tickets now and participate in the 2024 raffle and join in for a chance to winning some, one of a kind MCME merchandise while at the same time supporting the server and helping keep the lights on. Click here for more images of the prizes!On behalf of the whole of MCME, We appreciate your donation and whish you best of luck with the raffle!



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At this time, 390 USD has been funded (78 tickets are distributed).
The current prize pool is:
1) Helms Deep Diorama, full perks
2) Small Orthanc Dome Diorama, full perks.
3) Small Orthanc Dome Diorama, full perks.

The next milestone, 600 USD, or 120 tickets, will unlock:
Times Magazine, posters, stickers will be added to each of the 3 prizes.
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