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Raffy's list of Shaders


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Welcome to my list of Shaders
1. Apex Shaders
A dark and more gloomy shader makes this pack effective in places where other shaders simply wouldn't work.
It's nothing special at night (Normal minecraft moon and stars) and can be a bit too gloomy if in stormy conditions

Effective in:
- The Barrowdowns
- The Weather Hills
- Dimholt
- Cyen Manor

2. BSL
A brighter and almost more cartoony shader, the real highlight of this shader is water. The way water has been developed in this pack is exceptional!
However, in golden hour screenshots, the pink in the sky is very strong, and it's the default minecraft sun and moon.

Effective in:
- The Shire
- Arnor
- Osgiliath

3. Plunderpixel
Definitely the most cartoony and fun shader on the list. If you want a very light shader that still adds a bit of realism to the otherwise bland non shader experience, this one is worth it.
I would not recommend it for screenshots/video though, due to water looking odd and there being no option to even turn on clouds.

Effective in:

Like BSL, a really good shader for Water. Also, the "film noire" aspect that using this shader at night brings makes it perfect for places like Weathertop
Sometimes however, leaves can appear very bright and detract from the focus of the screenshot, and the waves can look a bit odd if you're far away from them. (Due to the Peaks of the waves).

Effective in:
- Agar/Udul (Rohan)
- Andrast

5. Beyond Belief
The name is a pretty good indicator. This shader is definitely one of my personal favourites, Generally, it is really well finished off.
There are few disadvantages, the only real one I'd say is it sometimes auto changes the brightness for no real reason, but will change back again soon after.

Effective in:
- Dol Amroth
- Anorien
- Fords of Bruinen/High Moors area

6. Kuda Shaders
Another strong pack, I would say this pack really shines (not literally) at night. Unlike a lot of other packs, it looks very good when on a time setting in the evening.
Although it is a good pack in the day, it can be very bright and in your face. That can be turned down however.

Effective in:
- Pelargir
- Edoras
- Rivendell

7. Robobo's
Another one of my favourites, Robobo's isn't anything vastly different, apart from it's water, of which it's azure tint lends itself perfectly to warmer coastal regions like Southern Gondor. It also has the added bonus of having a high FPS when used.
The sky isn't anything special and it isn't as good inland due to it being a bit darker, but other than that.

Effective in:
- Belfalas
- Tolfalas
- Lebennin

8. LexShino's
Back to the less realistic packs. LexShino's gives castles and fortresses a very mystical and almost Harry Potter like appearance and the moon looks great. Also there's little loss of FPS.
Despite this, It's very bright and water isn't changed at all, making seem very weird.

Effective in:
- Helm's Deep
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