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Accepted Rogue foreman app

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Minecraft Username : Rogue_Scholar
Date Joined : July 2019
Country: USA

Are you regularly logged on our voice communication?

Do you actively speak on our voice communication?
Do you have any particular skills?
I am a pretty good teacher, I’m good at terrain, trees, and anorien style builds. generally good at moria/ruined builds. I have experience with running plot builds (my tree plots), and I have helped with many jobs. I have experience teaching, and I am good at managing people( especially younger kids since before COVID I was a camp counselor).
Why are you applying for this rank?
As an American, the jobs I normally joined were either on the weekend in the late morning, or before I woke up. I want to make it easier for all adventurers and commoners to help the community. I think being foreman can ve the best way for me to help both the community and the amount of work being done on the server.

Some screenshots or pictures of your build attached:
When I was a commoner, I lead a couple of other commoners and adventurers ruining the dome of stars in a job with ooits

Two photos of my tree plots, one being the trees from before I got Bart to give me staff on the plotbuilds to run real ones.

I've also helped xmine, bart, and mith in jobs, but they were all easy stuff and not really worth finding the areas and getting pictures.

General Builds:
lumber mill

random builds

and obviously trees, but i mean, its just trees, not really worth taking screenshots lol
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