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Accepted Rudolphius' Foreman Application

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Minecraft Username : Rudolphius
Date Joined : 27th of July 2020
Country: Belgium

Are you regularly logged on our voice communication?
Yes, nearly every day I manage to get on the server.

Do you actively speak on our voice communication?

Do you have any particular skills?
When building something for a project or just for myself I like to do some deepdive research into reallife examples I can base my design off to make it. When building I try to take my time in order to make my builds look as good as possible.
I also have experience in leading/guiding projects and such. I was the vice president of my high school's studentcouncil. At university I am a PAL (Pear Assisted Learning) coach, which means I h help a group of first year students with how they can adapt best to the university and how to study and work.
I can also work easily with people: I will always try to communicate to the best of my ability and listen to suggestions of other people without immeadiately shooting them down.

Why are you applying for this rank?
I am applying for this rank partly because I want to play a bigger role in this server. Ever since I joined last year I have want to contribute more to this server, and my promotion to artist this year has strenghtend and increased this desire.
In the Pelennor Fields project I also have gotten some responsibilities to oversee building in certain areas, which really made me get a taste for leading (parts of) projects and jobs on this server. I also try to join jobs when I am an artist and help out how I can and if need be take some responsibilities if the person running the job is occupied in some other way.

Some screenshots or pictures of your build attached:
The Hamlet of Ereglad Iaur, Freebuild
DA Houses, Freebuild
Inquisition Party Headquarters, Freebuild
Tower, Bridge and Gate, Freebuild
Village of Part Goven, Main World (7830, 10, 4002)
Lond Daer Courtyard, Main World (-3317, 27, 88)

(Freebuild is down atm, so I can't give coordinates now, but will add them later)
Update 1:
I ran two jobs in the past two weeks, both for Badger.

The first one was a derp fixing job on the 18th of October of the castle in Anorien after Badger had preformed some WE on. After that I received some criticism from Designers and a Fore(wo)man which I applied in my next job.

The second one was a wall building job on the 27th of October just outside of Osgiliath
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