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Accepted Skydrago101's Minigames Application VersionTwo


Dirt Conaisseur
  • When did you join? -Jun 20th, 2020. However I was not active until this September, since then i have played every day.
  • What is your current rank? -Commoner.
  • Do you regularly use our voice communication? -I do, even more than I have in the past. However I still prefer to type in the text channels, rather than speak in the VC.
  • Why would you like this badge? -I would like to help the server be more active in the wee hours of the morning. I would also like more quiz' I like quiz. I also want to become better at races, and who better to run daily races than me?
  • If you were to get the badge, how often would you use it? -At least every other day, but I would try try my best to be available to run a game every day.
  • How would you make the minigames fun and enjoyable? -reusing some script here: I would run them for starters, I would give motivational speeches before and after each race, and I would try to take the players into account, and take their suggestions; to make the most player-friendly, and over all enjoyable games in middle-earth.
  • Post Script: -I do believe I have significantly improved in the matters I had failed in before, though I do admit I am nowhere near perfect with them. I hope that in the eyes of the reader that I have in fact improved in these matters, so I may succeed here where I have failed once before. Thank you for your time. :)
  • ~Skydrago101
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Hello SkyDrago

Thank you for your application. I am pleased to say that your application has been accepted and you now have access to the minigames badge. Please refer to the minigames manual which has all the commands you will need to know.