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Canceled Slowlex Foreman Application

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Yellow Flower Puncher
Minecraft Username?: Slowlex
Date I joined?: When we started to build Gondor
Country?: Germany

Are you regularly logged on our voice communication?
Hm yes
Are you actively speak on our voice communication?
Do you have any practicular skills?
I really care about realism of MCME(like nice rivers/nice terrain/vegetation/houses that make sense/...) and I want to teach people how to build realisticly and I like to talk with people. I was 6 when I started to be a huge LotR fan, that's why I know a lot of things about themovies/books. Maybe this is the reason why I joined such early and I still like to play here. I can build in many different stylesand I like to be creative.
Why are you applying for this rank?
Because when i joined this server, there were many jobs and many players. I came back last year and started to be active again but there weren't that much jobs and neither players like back then. There was nearly no progress so the people got bored of the project and there weren't that much jobs so the Commoners/Adventurers got bored too. I am very sure that we lost some awesome active builders because there was no minigame, no tour or a nice job. Some of them came online for a half hour and probably they left us forever. At least I have to say that I talked about this with Antecedence (that I got to know because I helped in a job) and I sadly had to agree, that this kind of jobs stopped where you got to know some awesome friends.
Some screenshots or pictures of your attached
I made a bree house, so it still looks like back then. Just with some nice updates. I made a rohan house so it won't always look like the same rohan houses in rohan.I made an old hobbit town theme build and then there is some of my work from Da or oberanio's farm for example.
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
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May I ask why is the font so big ??
Also nothing comes up on the imgur link
go on all and idk maybe just because I wanted it such big
In my opinion a big font looks immature in a way, dunno we were always taught in school to use smaller fonts as no1 you can fit more writing and no 2 it looks more professional, so maybe just for the future try to use smaller fonts it saves us all scrolling down and there being like 4 words per line.
And still nothing on the imgur link, you have no posts at all on imgur, try it again
@superlolster did you really criticize the font size, leave it alone aslong his app looks good and he could run jobs thats all that matters #I_Like_that_font. Nice app slow, what type of jib did you lead and how many people where part of your jobs
That was months ago, and it was just a statement jesus, didn't realise you were gonna ree
Quick update for people who can’t see dms (probably a lot), this guys got to the watchlist stage and we are looking for a date for his trial job!
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