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Accepted SusieKnight's minigame badge application

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Expert Stream Digger
  • When did you join? Aug 29, 2022
  • What is your current rank? Commoner
  • Do you regularly use our voice communication? Not so often. I live with others, one of my roommates has a nightshift, so I'll probably disturb them.
  • Why would you like this badge? Because I like minigames, especially hide and seek.
  • If you were to get the badge, how often would you use it? Mostly like every day or every other day.
  • How would you make the minigames fun and enjoyable? I can provide instructions with others, let them know the rules, and getting involved the games to know each other.
Hello @SusieKnight

Thank you for your badge application. We have discussed it and decided you will receive the badge.

You will be added to a channel on Discord which has all the relevant commands and link to the minigames manual.

Well done!
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