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Accepted Thalydon’s Tour Badge Application


Is going on an adventure!
When did you join: I joined on February 18, 2023
What is your current rank: Commoner
Do you regularly use our voice communication: Yes, a lot more in the past week.
What do you think you can do to make a good tour: I can know a lot of information about the places I’m going and plan ahead a lot so that I can talk a lot about them, but also go to fun and unique places.
Why do you want this badge: I want this badge because it is a very cool and unique part of the server that I really love. I also want to be able to do themed tours where I can talk about the history behind places, as well as the building that went into it.
Hello @Thalydon

Thank you for your badge application! The Guides have discussed your application and we've decided that we would like you to do a trial tour for the badge.

You have to choose the locations on the server, a date when the trial tour will take place, and enough time to present the locations. During this trial tour, you will be expected to give an informative and interesting account on that area of the server (Tolkien & server lore). On this tour, it is mandatory for you to use voice chat and try to answer any questions in vc or tour chat.

Please message me on discord with your date and time, when you want this trial tour to take place.

If you have any questions or queries, please let us know!