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    Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft community that recreates the world described by JRR Tolkien and his writings. Everyone can participate in organized events in which we collaborate to create major landmarks, terrain, caves, castles, towns, farms and more.

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~ ~ ☀️ The 7 Stars Summer Events ☀️ ~ ~

-- The MCME Summer Events 2020 --

"Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo!" or if you're not a Quenya expert, "hello!" ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cool cat and kittens, paper pushers and senior designers, sandcastles and beaches and everything in between! The time has come for me to welcome you all to the 7 Stars Summer Events. Before we get in, here's a piece about this year's Summer Events

Not long ago
When the spring moon lay low
When the world seemed bleak
When some joy we did seek

Glad tidings came like the summer breeze
To aim to put our worries at ease
7 events, given word of fame
mighty in all, presence and name

Race, challenge, PVP
Testing all skills whatever it may be
Sing, compete, do what you must
Expect everything, it'll be robust

So go forth, free your mind, go have some fun
Rise up to the challenge like the morning sun
7 stars, 7 winners, the thirst for glory is vital
Yet the prize overall is simple to say:

History portrays their title

Poetry aside, I think it's time I introduce you to the fabulous events we have lined up. I think you'll like them. Here we go!

~ Alcarinquë - The Opening Ceremony ~
Hosted by: @Soars
31st of July - 19:00 UTC

We've gotta open these events some how. Join everyone's favourite therapist Soarz in officially pronouncing these events open, and a big party in general! The opening ceremony starts at 19:00 UTC, don't be late!

~ Elemmírë - The MCME Quiz Challenge ~
Hosted by: @Mortal_Engineer and @Exeterkered
Starting the 25th of July - 18:00 UTC

I'm sure a good old fashioned pub quiz is what everyone wants to do at the moment! Sadly, Coronavirus means this isn't possible, but fear not! Mortal and Exeter are here to satisfy your trivial yearnings! Starting Saturday the 25th, you and your team will whip out your best lore knowledge and useless facts to try and beat the team sat across the discord voice chat from you. Get your trivia brains on, it's going to be 1 hell of a ride. For more information, click here.

~ Morwinyon - The MCME World Cup ~
Hosted by: @Archimdes
Starting the 3rd of August - 18:00 UTC

Recently, @q220 added the blockball plugin to the server, which in case you don't know, is basically football in Minecraft. Pretty sick right? Well, why not make the best use of it. Over the course of the events period, blackball matches will take place in a tournament style. Starting on August the 3rd at 18:00 UTC, our first match will take place! A full list of fixtures can be found below. All events start at 18:00 UTC.
August 3rd: Designers vs Guides

August 5th: Veterans vs Commoners
August 7th: Artists vs Foremen
August 10th: Valar vs Staff
August 13th: First Semi Final
August 17th: Second Semi Final
August: 19th: Third place playoffs

August 22nd: Grand Final

Just a disclaimer:
Teams that would be quite small (Managers, Foremen) are allowed to have ex-ranked people in their team. Hence why there is a "staff" team, for any ex-staff or managers. Similarly, ex Foremen can join the Foreman team.

Start forming your teams now ready for the first match on August 3rd!


~ Luinil - The Summer Karaoke ~
Hosted by: @Xmine01
4th of August - 18:00 UTC

Karaokes are semi-legendary events. With the likes of @mapthor and @Sam_Of_Seagull running them in the past, they've always gone down well. Now, our resident hype beast, I mean Foreman Xmine is getting behind the mixing desk for a night of laughter, memes and a lot of awful singing. The earache starts at 18:00 UTC!

~ Lumbar - The Great Summer Brawl ~
Hosted by: @D3rr3x
11th of August - 18:00 UTC

Of course the first events since the PVP server was re-implemented are going to include one almighty PVP session. Thanks to the wonderful work of @Eriol_Eandur , @NicTheFifth and all those who have helped make PVP Maps, the plugin is now fully functional and bound to give you a good time.

~ Helluin - The Mini Middle Earth Race ~
Hosted by: @mapthor and @awaywind
15th of August - 19:00 UTC

Some of you may remember Away and @TI_020601's mini middle earth race from a few years back. Well, it's here again! Following the path of Aragorn, contestants will be in many places at once. Race through plains, climb mountains, traverse through halls, and parkour across ravines all whilst actually going no further than the ring of Isengard. Be sure to join Away and Map at 17:00 UTC!

~ Nénar - A race in the Dark ~
Hosted by: @Archimdes
16th of August - 18:00 UTC

Originally titled I'm in Moria, get me out of here (which I much prefer), this event is a one of a kind, keyboard smashing, nail biting hour or 2 of fun. Quite simply, it is a race to get out of Moria. You will start in the depths and mirk, somewhere totally random, alone and confused. You will then get more confused as you try to figure a way out of this torment. The first person to reach either the East gate or West gate is our winner!

That's pretty much it for now! I hope you enjoy these events as much as we have making them! Thank you for reading, and on behalf of the events team, we hope you have fun and have a great summer!

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August 10th: Valar vs Staff

Important announcement:
Current designers are exempt from this match, instead they are competing against the guides in the first match.
That category is called staff due to the nature of the team. All current managers or ex staff may join it, however current designers should go in the designer team instead :)

Sorry for any confusion caused!