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The Head Moderator

Hello MCME’rs

Thank you all for the many congratulation messages which I have received over the last few days and I would like to thank all of the other Valar for giving me this wonderful opportunity. In this post I would like to make it clear to the community what exactly my role is and what I intend to do in the future. As Head Moderator I will be responsible for managing the Moderators and server moderation; I will also be a Vala/Admin. This is the exact rank description as determined by Eru_Illuvatar q220:

Head Moderator
Staff position. Assigned by Eru Iluvatar to be in charge of being responsible for the Moderator related matters on the server. This person is in charge of the Moderators, and educating them to enforce the Terms of Service and Rules onto the community by using the Tools supplied to him.
  1. Assures that the appeals for bans are being done by someone else (acts as arbiter).
  2. Instructs the Moderators by creating and maintaining a Moderator Role Manual.
  3. Performs regular check-ups for staff inactivity and problems.
  4. Determines the punishment scale for offences.
  5. Alerts Eru Iluvatar in case of demotions/promotions of Moderators.

One of my first tasks of being Head Moderator will be to update and complete the Moderator Manual which was started by Credoo when the Moderator Badge was introduced. This Manual provides useful commands and guidelines for Moderators to undertake their duties on the server. This manual will also be made public, like all of the other manuals, when it is complete. As well as completing this manual I will be organising the private Moderator Google Drive so that all evidence is stored properly in the correct place and that it is up-to-date.

I would like to ensure that the communication between moderators, both in private and public, is of excellent quality so server moderation can be smooth and efficient and so that no mistakes are made. This will hopefully improve how the community perceives moderators so we can be the best which we have been.

Finally, I will always be keeping an eye out for any potential moderators who I believe will fit perfectly into the role. It could be you!

If anyone has any issues, suggestions or questions about my new role or moderators in general then please contact me - I would love to hear them :D But for now Novaer na-den pedim ad mellyn'ín!