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The Lonely Mountain


Is going on an adventure!
I would like to know if there is a plan to build the lonely mountain where "King under the mountain" lives??

And thank all of the builders for this amazing world, it´s great.


Dirt Conaisseur
Well @Waever96 we plan to build Erebor sometime in the future but as it is a hobbit location it will be built after we finish the "Lord of The Rings" locations such as Mordor. Which hasn't even started yet as the resource pack isn't quite ready (There also many other locations just Mordor is the big one).

The lonely mountain template has been built however but no planning or concepts have been drawn up yet as far as I am aware. No timeline has been set such as an ETA for when we plan on it because we just don't know when or how long it will take to finish all the locations we have planned pre Hobbit locations start.

Im sure it will happen as our server is set on build the whole of Middle Earth its just a case of when!
Thank you for the interest in this :)


Dirt Conaisseur
This is my view others feel welcome to post their own opinion on the matter.
Honestly cant wat for the day we get this done!