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~The MCME Sunday Times~ [04/06/14]

How do you like the new MCME Times?

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    Votes: 77 95.1%
  • Meh

    Votes: 4 4.9%

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One Of Us, One of Us
We did have a mailing list in the past but it was neglected and stopped because people lost interest. I think because of the abillaty to respond to forum threads, it makes the current format more lively and retains peoples attention. It's also a heck of a lot easier than using mailing lists.

Great job fire, I love it.
Thanks Will, I love you


Yellow Flower Puncher
Fire, you may wanna include Fornad and Mute in the next one, and apologize for forgetting.
After all, some people don't even look in the comments so they wouldn't have seen those kinds words for them.

As for the new MCME Times, I think we need an introduction to each, ending with something, like how @BevsForBros (See you later, bud) once did the "Sit back and relax with your beverage of choice, and see what has been going on in MCME", or something to that effect.


Is going on an adventure!
Me mucho gusta. i think maybe a small section on lore would be kinda cool. something like "Erebor-citadelof the dwarves blah blah blah interesting facts"


Moria Hall Professional
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