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~ The MCME Times ~ [04/04/2021]

April Fools lol

Editor's Note by Mapthor and Soarz
Hello. It’s your boi Soarz, helping Mapthor write his Editor’s Note at 2:50 AM EST on Saturday night. Hope you’re doing well. Heard about your new video, pretty clean if I do say so myself. Shoutout to my boi Givet for the mega promotion. You got big shoes to fill because I’m an egoistic person. Leaving MCME hasn’t helped my college. I still procrastinate the same amount, probably more. But it’s ok, we still livin' out here.

So I’m in a voice call with Soarz right now and we just lost a game of Rocket League, and now he’s all mad at me and stole my Editor’s Note. This guy is saltier than the Dead Sea. Anyways, we got some good stuff coming up in the next few weeks, so keep a close eye out for the good stuff. And by good stuff, I don’t mean drugs, I mean events. We got Easter Egg hunts, some Great Lore Tours, a special Build Battle challenge, and one hell of a parkour race if I do say so myself. Not bias or anything, but it’s gonna be good. Enjoy the warm weather these next two weeks and I’ll see you in the next one.

Happy Sailing,

~ Project Progress ~

Anorien - Lead: @draonic_slayer | In Progress
Report by draonic_slayer

Thing have started progressing in Anorien again. Orruss has detailed some of the last sections along the Rammas Echor making a new camp to facilitate repairs. Xmine has continued slaving away carving rivers across the plains connecting the Firien Woods to Aldburg. Mershy and Rwyland have been working on a new fort to place along the Great West Road using the new blocks at our disposal. And finally, a new plains vegetation concept is in the works taking into account of the climate of Anorien.



Lond Daer – Lead: @mattlego | In Progress
Report by mattlego

We have begun to work with Team Minerva, the winners of the Lond Daer Contest, to improve some sections of their plot before pasting it into the main world. Otherwise, some more houses have been finished in the city with the poor houses and middle classes nearing completion for the whole project.

Moria – Lead: @barteldvn | In progress
Report by Mershy

The past two weeks have been steady over in Moria with Effie running jobs around Movie Cave, Badger craving for more workers and biscuits, and Daom and I scratching our heads at storage solutions in West Gate. Aside from that, we have interesting resource pack development including some new items hopefully making their way into the pack soon.


~ General Announcements ~

Become a Donor
Keeping MCME running is not free, every month we have to pay $265 to keep up all our work. Donations help us keep doing what we love and providing you with amazing builds to look at. Donations are not required but greatly accepted, if you want to help us in our feat of rebuilding Middle Earth in Minecraft you can donate here.
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Our Donors
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  • junoknight

Report by ItsJustPeyton

We had some great events the past fortnight! We had a very special Tolkien Reading Day Lore Hour as well as an hour of all things Magic in Middle Earth. Our Touring Tuesdays were, as always, a hit! It’s a great opportunity for Guide applicants to show their skills and we can’t wait to see who will take up the opportunity next!

The Spring Events (yes we renamed them) start tomorrow, so make sure to dust off your bunny ears and get hoppin’ cause we have two weeks of events to keep you busy! You can find the full calendar on any of our socials, or the forum post!

Social Media Updates
Instagram: WE HIT 10 THOUSAND FOLLOWERS!!!!! Does this mean we’re famous now?

Thank you to all of you who follow/followed us, it’s amazing to see our community growing so large! We finally hit the dream number, and got ourselves the swipe up feature (Tyr is especially happy about this), now it’s time to start working towards the next milestone…did someone say 20k?

Facebook: She’s slow, but she’s growing!

Twitter: Lots of exciting stuff happening over on Twitter! With the Spring Events coming up, it’ll be your one stop shop to keep up to date with all the events. If you’re lucky, you might even see your own screenshot on there! ;)

YouTube: We released a cheeky little video last week, this time all about the events on the server. It was a fast paced, small look into life on MCME but it’s already drawing people in (no pressure Guides). Make sure to check it out and leave a cheeky comment or two, and if you subscribe you might even be able to help choose the next video!

~ Rank Updates ~
Report by givet10

Emeryld: Everyone welcome Emeryld to the teal legion, now we have 2 Llamas that can run fun tours, minigames, and PvP!

givet10: So I also have to make a rank update about myself I guess. Congrats myself on achieving Manager and Staff, I will be leading the Events Team and assisting Smaug on some aspects of the Guide rank.

ItsJustPeyton: After all her work on our media platforms, Peyton finally got promoted to Manager as well, congratulations!

~ Interviews ~

Interview with @BWOT

Question 1. What was it like to come second in the Lond Daer Comp?
Honestly just glad it's over. My fingers were going numb from the amount of mossing that needed to be done. First mistake was coming into the competition a month and a week in. Second, was choosing a pretty radical design that would need a lot of editing to get to a stage that resembled the current Lond Daer style. Third was going up against a small army of Commoners that had nothing to lose and spent day and night on this thing. They had a solid plan, robust style, and a lot of talent.. so props to them, really impressed!

Question SE2. Story behind your iconic name?
A lot of variations out there as it was so long ago, but, friend came over after school with his laptop with MC on it. My mum walked by one day and called me/us/it (was unclear) a big waste of time. The name stuck, and when I bought MC not long after, I chose that to be my name.

Question six. If you could revamp the current staff rank, how would it change and why?
First of all I’d like to remove the Manager role and replace it with the “Staff” role. This role will have a much broader range of responsibilities and will be quite flexible. The “Staff“ role would get access to a lot of the stuff that gets discussed just between Valar these days (Valar forums) and would be the only role considered staff. The Designer role would no longer be staff. The Designer role would be a group of skilled, dedicated and active builders who’d be the main planners, organizers and leaders of projects. They’ll keep access to most of the current staff forums (as they’re mainly building related these days), but will share this forum with all builders (Artist+). They’ll be supervised by Staff, but remain the responsibility of the Head Builder. The Foreman would stay largely the same, however would no longer be promoted as a stepping stone to Designer. The Artist role would no longer be able to lead any projects and would mainly be focused on smaller building tasks, handed out by Designers. jk ofc, I have no problems with the way things are run currently.

Question 0.245. Favourite meal to make?
Pizza, I love making it and eating it. It is well known NJ/NY has some of the best pizza around. They say it's in the water shrug.

Question 93. If you could live in Middle Earth, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or Star Wars. Which world would you want to live in and why?
Love Middle Earth to bits, but Star Wars is bigger and so there's more opportunity for galactic domination. If I really wanted to, I could then oppress a sub-system to reenact Middle Earth.

Question 12. If you could be any race from Middle Earth, what race would it be and why?
Ainur of course, because they get to do all the cool stuff.

Question 55. Favorite Lol that droog said?
Person 1: “That’s why we need to start a revolution for change” Person 2: “... Count me in” Person 1: “I’m not kidding lol” Person 2: “Yh ik” Person 1: “I’ve been thinking about it for 2 months now … But I’m putting out a serious video sometime soon that will spark it off. Oh ya, keep this between us” Person 2: “No Problemo … Just dont do anything u might regret later on” Person 1: “Ya. There are 0 jokes in the video. It’s all facts and stuff that needs to be changed … How else are we going to show them” Person 2: “Did u speak to any of the higher ranked people” Person 1: “Ya 1 enforcer and 2 Assistants … And if I get demoted for speaking out, we got a real problem … Also, I don’t think bwot got my point with the *nfinity *ar video I did” Person 2: “Was there a message?” Person 1: “It was me calling him out that he’s destroying mcme with all this new shit and he didn’t get it” #showthevideo

Interviewer: -A

~ Winners of “The Week” ~

Stop! Don't scroll past this section! For this is the part of the MCME Times where fierce (but friendly) rivalries are kindled and friendships established! This is the part of the Times where I, Ginger, brutally judge each and every shot taken over course of the past fortnight, choosing only the finest for a place in the Times! And this is the part of the Times where everyone who reads holds their breath in suspense, slowly scrolling down till they reach the definitive Media Winner of the fortnight! Yes, everybody, THIS. IS. THE MEDIA WINNERS SECTION! Do enjoy!

MEDIA Winners:
Honorable Mention: Love it when a good shot turns into a great shot when edited properly. Bonus points when two people work together on that. In this case, the shot was originally taken by Mithrilled and then edited up by Givet. Love the composition and the lighting's pretty good, though a bit contrast-y in places. Shame the sky's clear and boring. Overall though, it's a really good shot.


Honorable Mention: Unfortunately, I couldn't think of much to say about this shot from Bohemian_Beetle. It's very good, even with its simplicity. Composition's on point, shadows could be slightly smoother but are generally very good.


Honorable Mention: Bohemian_Beetle has shown himself to be the king of Chocapic V9 forest shots this edition. This is admittedly a very basic shot, but it's doing almost everything right. Good composition, excellent lighting, even the blur looks pretty good.


Honorable Mention: Now I know. We had a shot very much like this one last edition. However, this shot fixes the problem I had with that first shot. There are no longer trees blocking the view of the front of Minas Tirith, improving the overall grandness in the composition. The original version was shot by Givet and then well-edited by Emeryld.


Honorable Mention: Wouldn't be the Media Winners as judged by Ginger without a Dol Amroth shot, would it? This edition Givet decided to take a noice Dol Amroth harbor shot with all the usual editing effects.


Honorable Mention: Itai makes it into this edition as well with this excellent shot of Andrast's terrain. Itai really knows how to get the good shots out there. Hopefully someday all of MCME's mountain ranges will look this good.


Honorable Mention: Right, so, personally, I think the composition of this shot from Givet works. We have some interesting lighting going on on the left side of Dol Amroth, drawing the eye over there. Unlike other DA shots, though, the tallest tower isn't the focus, which is certainly curious. Being the tallest building along the landscape, it's understandable for it to be the focus in a landscape shot. In this case, though, the lighting and cropping define the actual focus well enough for me, and it's Dol Amroth entirely, mainly the left side of it. ...The tower does look odd off to the side there, though, will admit. And it does feel a bit too wide.


Honorable Mention: I thought it would be a shame to have only one of the excellent Henneth Annun shots make it in this edition. This one was by Bohemian_Beetle, who's very good at getting his lighting and composition right with seemingly little editing.


Media Winner: A very cool --even dramatic-- shot by Xmine01. The blur works nicely, as well as the cropping and camera tilt. Plus I do love me a shot with people in it. If I had to complain, I'd wish the orcs were a bit more visible, but they aren't really the focus, are they? Well done, Xmine!



We are so happy to see so many people working on the theme builds these 2 weeks and even more because there were so many good ones! We also decided that it is time for a bit of lay back themes so every once in a while we are going to put something like a joke(like the pizza) or for specific event(the next rigged theme which is Easter) so hope you like that. Have fun building those Dead Marshes and @Xmine01 update your bouncy castle

~ Lore of the Week ~

The Ring of Barahir:

The Ring of Barahir, originally Ring of Felagund, was an Elven artifact that was originally given by Finrod Felagund to Barahir and afterwards was kept by the Edain as an heirloom in the later Ages.

The Ring was fashioned in Valinor by the Noldor, and was owned by the Elven Lord Finrod. He took it to Middle-earth during the Exile of the Noldor, along with other treasures he brought from Tirion, and wore it with him in Nargothrond.

During the Dagor Bragollach the Adan Barahir saved his life, and Finrod gave him the ring as a token of eternal friendship between Finrod and the House of Barahir.

Barahir wore the Ring for the rest of his life, until his hand (wearing it) was taken by the leader of the Orcs who killed him, as a proof of his feat. But Beren went through great perils to avenge his father and retrieved his hand. Beren laid the hand to rest with the rest of his father's remains, but kept and wore the Ring. When Beren was assigned the Quest for the Silmaril, he went to Nargothrond and used it as a token to seek Finrod's help. Finrod fulfilled his pledge and even found his death in the dungeons of Minas Tirith in order to save Beren.

The Ring's fate in the following centuries is only vaguely recorded. Through Dior, his daughter Elwing and her son Elros, it found its way to Númenor. Apparently it remained an heirloom of the Kings of Númenor, until King Tar-Elendil did not give it to his heir Tar-Meneldur, but to his eldest daughter Silmariën, who was not allowed to succeed him on the throne. She in turn gave the ring to her son Valandil, first Lord of Andúnië. The Ring was handed down to the succeeding Lords of Andúnië until the last of the Faithful. Thus it survived the Downfall of Númenor when the Faithful escaped to Middle-earth.

In the Third Age the ring was again passed in direct line from Elendil, the last of the Lords of Andúnië, as an heirloom of the Kings of Arnor, and then Kings of Arthedain until the fall of Arthedain.

The last King of Arthedain, Arvedui, gave the ring to the chief of the Lossoth of Forochel, thankful for the help he received from them. Years after T.A. 1975, it was ransomed from the Snowmen by the Rangers of the North, and it was kept safe at Rivendell.

Eventually, in T.A. 2952 it was given by Elrond to Aragorn son of Arathorn, when he was told of his true name and lineage, together with the shards of Narsil. In T.A. 2980, while in Lórien, Aragorn gave the ring to Arwen Undómiel, and thus they were betrothed.

Nothing is said of the fate of the ring in the Fourth Age, but unless it went with Arwen to her grave at Cerin Amroth, it most likely passed to the Kings of the Reunited Kingdom, descendants of Aragorn and Arwen.

~ Question of the Week ~

This Week's Question:
How did Eol die and why?

Did the Rohirrim and Hobbits know each other in the distant past?

Correct Answer:
Their ancestors knew of each other, and Hobbits became a legend amongst the Rohirrim.

This week’s winner is HoverKing!

Presented by: Arothir Alamáreo

~ More Media ~

You know us, we love sharing our progress and Twitter is the perfect place. Give us a good follow and always have something to look forward to on your daily scroll. Just to spice it up, comment your favorite parts of our builds at MinecraftMiddleEarth (@MCMiddleEarth) | Twitter. You won't be disappointed!

Sometimes you just want to enjoy some quality pictures, we got you covered. Head on over to our Facebook account, try following us there too Minecraft Middle-Earth

It doesn't matter if you just woke up or after a busy day at work; scrolling through Instagram and seeing a cool project you have worked on, or just amazing graphics from your favorite server on your favorite game- MCME's Instagram is the right place to be. Check it out at mcmiddleearth on Instagram, or this perfectly good link to take you straight there.

But of course, the most important and obviously most used social network is of course Planet Minecraft! Be sure to give us a diamond there. It costs nothing! Minecraft Middle Earth Minecraft Server

~ Closing Statement ~
My man Soarz guest starring on the Editor's Note- a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one! Him and Mapthor losing a game of Rocket League, though- not so much. Anyway, I hope everyone's having a Happy Easter, and like Mapthor said, look out for what's in store the next couple of weeks, and try not to miss anything! Except the parkour race, you can skip that.

Thanks and hope you enjoyed,

Excellent work, Times Team!

Quote from Unknown
“Easter is the only time when it is safe to put all of your eggs in one basket.”


The Official MCME Times
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This Week's Question:
How did Eol die and why?

Eöl found his way to the Hidden City of Gondolin, and by Turgon's law he was then forbidden from leaving; he, however, refused to acknowledge this law, and was then given a choice - staying, or dying (and the same choice was applied to his son Maeglin also). Enraged by the king's words, Eöl turned to violence:

Suddenly, swift as serpent, he seized a javelin that he held hid beneath his cloak and cast it at Maeglin, crying: ‘The second choice I take and for my son also! You shall not hold what is mine!‘
(The Silmarillion, "Of Maeglin")

Eöl's javelin did not hit Maeglin however, because Aredhel stood in the way and was hit in the shoulder. Eöl was seized, and was to be brought before Turgon for judgement.

It was appointed that Eöl should be brought on the next day to the King’s judgement; and Aredhel and Idril moved Turgon to mercy. But in the evening Aredhel sickened, though the wound had seemed little, and she fell into the darkness, and in the night she died; for the point of the javelin was poisoned, though none knew it until too late.
Therefore when Eöl was brought before Turgon he found no mercy; and they led him forth to the Caragdûr, a precipice of black rock upon the north side of the hill of Gondolin [...]

Then they cast Eöl over the Caragdûr, and so he ended [...]
(The Silmarillion, "Of Maeglin")

Eöl was executed by being thrown off a cliff on the orders of Turgon as punishment for killing the latter's sister with a poisoned javelin (whilst trying to murder Maeglin, Eöl's son).