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~ The MCME Times ~ [05/22/2022]

Drao Kicked from the Times Team!
And Map Has Games on His Phone!

Editor's Note by Mapthor
Hey all, welcome back to the Times! Past fortnight has been slightly quiet apart from the public announcement of TolkienFest! Some lovely representatives of the server will be meeting up in Germany to advertise MCME to fans of Lord of the Rings. The first official meetup will be taking place in June, so make it if you can! You’ll be one of the first to meet our lovely TotiGonzales, Credoo, and everyone’s favorite aylalya! Gonna be a neat event and hey, it might even be livestreamed for all of us to watch from the comfort of our homes. Hope to see some of you there :)

Happy Sailing,

~ Project Progress ~

Anduin - Lead: @Wyattrox03 | In Progress
Report by Wyattrox03

The stretch of riverbank from Harlond to Marble Hill has been completed and the Erui river has got a small update as well. Cliffs are also resuming in Emyn Arnen.


Agar and Udul - Lead: @Orruss | In Progress
Report by Evermind_3

Another week, another feat!! Over the last couple of weeks some more smoothing has taken place in Old Pukel Land, as we move swiftly to the southern coasts below the mouth of the Isen. We also welcomed two new members to the project Staff team in the form of a one Bohemian_Beetle and mattlego as our Co-Lead, neither of whom has any idea about what they’ve embarked on from here on out. Lastly, some slow planning has begun on the first Fisherfolk village on the northern cliff of the Isen Estuary!!


Gladden Fields – Lead: @Andrewpioneer | In Progress
Report by Andrewpioneer

Andrew has started the planning for a revamp of the Gladden Fields, together with co-lead TotiGonzales and Rudolphius. Nothing is happening on the main world yet, but if you want to get a sneak peek go to /warp PlotRhovanion in plot world and fly east. For more details on the project, feel free to have a look at the project post.


~ General Announcements ~

Become a Donor
Keeping MCME running is not free, every month we have to pay $320 to keep up all our work. Donations help us keep doing what we love and providing you with amazing builds to look at. Donations are not required but greatly accepted, if you want to help us in our feat of rebuilding Middle Earth in Minecraft you can donate here.
Viewing Donation Drive: Community Costs
Our Donors
  • Joske50

Commoner Meeting
The Commoner Meeting went surprisingly well! Jubo is working on PlotSquared, Stephen will come out with a Commoner survey, and private warps have been increased to 20 per player. @Credoo is also looking at the other suggestions to see what can be done. Check out the pinned messages in #commoner-chat on Discord for more info!

~ Rank Updates ~
Report by PastaBologneseV

It is my first edition of the MCME Times where I could provide you with some rank updates but we have had none in the past two weeks. Maybe the next Times will bring you better news. Until then farewell!

~ Interviews ~

Hellllllllllllloooooooo MCME, did you miss me? Well if you didn't, tough luck as I'm back bringing all the juicy intel on our community. But there are going to be a few changes since last time. Firstly, please welcome my co-journalist @LordReavanPlays, say hi Reavan. Hey all! Arch and I will be bringing back the best part of the Times in its full glory. We have exposé ready to go, unknown insights, and top tier interviews! So get ready for a lot of beans to be spilt. Now without further adieu, I pass the typewriter to Reavan who'll be introducing our latest guest.

As you all know, we've been having a lot of new and amazing people coming into the Artist and Guide teams as of late. In light of this, we'll be talking to one of our newest Artists on MCME. You all know him for his super long application, Swedishness, and for being the biggest (if not only) Trekky on MCME. Please welcome our very special guest, Human!!
Interview with @Human100

So, why Human100? Are you the 100th human in the world, are you a prototype?
What do you mean, why Human100?? It is my name, I was born with it. What's so special about my name? I am just the 100th Human of the Ferengi commerce alliance human plantation project. I guess me being the most successful, smartest and handsomest human ever might have something to do with it as well. I will tell you why they named me Human100: a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, the Ferengi commerce alliance was taking primitive monkeys and mutating them- what they got was usually weird and deformed until the 99th version which was almost perfect, but for the tiniest flaw of having a potato in its mouth. They sent that subject down into what is now known as Denmark. So they tried again and they got what is now known as Human100 and they got their first successful Human. That is why I got my name.

What is it like becoming an Artist? Any secrets you want to spill for our audience?
OOO there is so much coffee in this cup of tea, so much to spill we are going to need a professional cleaner after this. So where to begin...I guess how it felt after becoming an Artist, well it definitely didn't take me by surprise since Credoo already spoiled it, but it was still shocking. Something changes in your head, it evolves. You just get a great sense of artistic superiority and the world just becomes clearer. A heavy weight was lifted from my shoulders and I lost 80kg in weight. In all honesty, it was the happiest moment of my life since the pandemic happened, I am indeed without a life. So now with being an Artist, responsibility takes over, you suddenly got to do stuff like this and like that. You get it, lots of responsibility. Now I was supposed to spill some real milk for the audience. So here we go. Are you ready? Here is the milk- we are censored and we are redacted. In all seriousness the only real thing I can say is that it is slow, but that is to be expected with finals and exams getting pushed on everyone. When summer starts, I hope the server comes back in action and I get the true sense of the Artist experience.

Now we all know you for your weird comments, and you have lived through many Commoner eras. We wondered- if you could create a cult, what would it be called, and what would it do?
Weird comments?? What are you talking about, I am the perfect embodiment of civilized speech (publisher's note: he isn't, trust me this is a nightmare to proofread). You must have confused me with Dahl. I never say anything dumb and immature, not my Human. So we have that settled. Let's move on to the rest of the question. I have indeed lived through many Commoner eras, while never taking as active of a role in any in the Common Room I did work on some other Commoner projects like being the first member other then Melkor in BoM and also being the first person to write in Commoner chat. But let's get on the cult part, what would my cult be called? Well, to be clear, I do not endorse any cults whatsoever, and I have been notoriously against such heretical cults like the Shrek cult that Arch made. If I were to create a cult tho, it would be called the Cult of Reason but since that is already taken I have to go with another name. So I will go with the name of Cult of Human, since it is my cult and I am Human. So what will it be about? Let's go over a few things a cult needs, first what are we worshiping? I am indeed a large LOTR fan and I did beat Exeter in a quiz, which is kinda cool, so we would worship Eru Himself. Now what would we do as a cult? Since I am a big Star Trek fan and specifically the species of Ferengi and they are all about profit, our motto would be to make as much profit as possible and we would follow the rules of the acquisition so that would be our holy book. We would make a profit acquiring and worshiping the Eru cult. We would sacrifice our profit to Eru as tribute. Now there is one thing remaining, my Swedishness. So it would be a Sweden exclusive cult and Dahl is specifically banned from it.

Fact check: Archimdes never created or related himself to the Shrek cult.

Now you have the world record for longest application, what advice would you give to any aspiring Artist who wishes to break this record?
There must have been a mistake here, I am not the record holder for the longest application, that is Dahl. Dahl's is still longer than mine, like a couple months longer. So I'm not as large of a failure as you might think. So I'm going to have some trouble answering this question, but I will try my best. Well, make sure you are very young when you start applying, preferably under the age of 13. Also, have no talent at building and make sure to not have any experience in building before applying. So when you are applying yourself, I'd recommend not to plan before building, just to make it as messy and demotivating as possible. Now try to be immature and trolly, since a certain level of maturity is needed to become an Artist. Other things you can do is make your application as messy as possible and just have as many posts as possible so it is very hard to read and judge. This is my best attempt at a record breaking application but I would recommend asking Dahl since he is clearly better at this then me.

If you could be any character from Star Wars, who would it be and why?
First why Star Wars, like there are so many other better franchises than Star Wars, like STAR TREK, the perfect sci fi series. Secondly I am a Star Wars fan so I hate Star Wars, so I will ignore your question and choose what star trek character I would be. This character would be the character of Q, the omnipotent being that haunts the Enterprise crew for many episodes. Now why would I choose Q? Well he is omnipotent and if you didn't know, that means all powerful. Basically, Q can do anything. So when I can do anything, I can do anything and just do whatever I want. I think that is enough for you guys to understand why I chose Q. Also I can finish MCME with a snap of my fingers.

MCME is an internationally based server, and I think it's about time for us to learn a little bit about your home: Sweden. Is there any interesting culture difference or phrase that you would like to share with us?
There is indeed no doubt that my home is Sweden, especially since it makes up 80% of my personality. So this is a great question but I’m afraid none of you mere mortals would understand me and my Swedishness. But since this is an interview, and out of my sheer generosity, I will give you some information about Sweden. Don’t be sad if you don’t understand me, most mortals don’t. So Swedish Culture, ye... what's so special about it? Dude idk, It is dark for half of the year and way too bright for the other half and we are all just depressed, but we are still one of the happiest countries in the world so we must be doing something right. People like to give Swedish culture something special, like Fika, but Fika is essentially just eating something and usually drinking coffee. It is not this complicated thing of different cakes and biscuits, usually you eat a sandwich and on very special days you might eat a bun, but it is not special. So I really don’t know what to say here. I guess our sheer hatred of Danes is a culture difference, but is it? Like brits hate the French for a similar reason? So idk what to say here, when you created the perfect society everyone usually copies you and now this society is unoriginal, so that's why I am having trouble finding cultural differences. So that is why Sweden is the best country in the world. Oh wait there is one phrase I would like to share with yall (especially Dahl) and that is Dansk jävel, which basically means Danish bastard.

Talking about international and Sweden, thoughts on this year's Eurovision Song Contest? Imagine losing to the U.K.
Ehh no I don’t have any, what’s a Eurovision? Jk, but in my usual fashion i am going to look at the facts. Sweden got fourth place, not bad but still not reaching up to Ukraine, which was the obvious winner and we all know that. The Swedish song this year wasn’t the best one ever and it definitely should have lost to Moldova as that is the clear winner here. Now imagine losing to the UK, well I would like to remind my good friend Arch here that the UK still didn’t win, a near hit will still not kill a rabbit, no matter how close you are. But let's look at some facts. The UK got zero points last year, kinda embarrassing, and how many times has the UK won again? 5 times, tied with countries like Luxembourg and the Netherlands, now how many times has Sweden won? 6 times, the only country that has won more than Sweden is Ireland. So all I will say this year is that we are coming for that spot Ireland, beware the Swedes. The Vikings shall be back.

Now, the love scene is getting a little dry lately on MCME, but Archimdes and I have unearthed a secret relationship going on in the Artist community, any comments on this screenshot?
Wait, I'm married?? Sheit I need to call my lawyer. But in all seriousness, with reporting this slow, no wonder old media is dying, this is old news. As all of you all may know, me and Dahl have our differences, especially since he is Danish, but we are still Scandinavian bros and our marriage was to show our broship. Yet this was back in 2021, and I had honestly forgotten about this. I had forgotten the happiest day of my life, the day I typed in that command on that Discord server that I'm not even a part of anymore. I am thanking Arch and Reavan for reminding me of this, yet I ponder- is it really necessary to release our very, as you said it yourself, “secret” marriage into the world for drama points on FaceBook? That is why I will be officially suing the MCME Times for 15 million dollars (publisher's note: good luck). But I have to thank Arch and Reaven again for reminding me of my marriage. With the recent marriage news you guys have heard I have come to realize that marriage is terrible so that’s why I am announcing it here, I am divorcing Dahl and getting an NDA signed so he won’t sue me. Also if you want to spice up the love scene in the Artist section, make something like MCME’s Love Moria, where 8 artists are put in Moria for 2 weeks and the audience will vote out the least compelling ones. Some great reality TV is what MCME needs and not the forest update.

Speaking to the MCME Times Interview Team lawyers, we have now redacted the screenshots in order to protect both parties involved.

Now for the closing statement for this interview, I need to say that any joke that might have offended anyone or hurt someone I am very sorry, and they were all just supposed to be in fun and not taken seriously. This accounts for all I said, except the things about Dahl, those were dead serious.

Interviewer Closing Statement: Well that’s all we've got time for folks. Tune in text time to read more on what is behind the Minecraft Middle-earth community. If you got any intel for our Team, please contact us at times@mcmiddleearth.com (publisher's note: this is not actually our email). For now we say goodbye.

- Archimdes & LordReavan

~ Winners of "the Week" ~

This week we have another round of amazing builds and Media posts. We only choose from the best every time, so hard work does pay off. Sometimes it can get competitive and that is what will win a place here. Please give a warm welcome to this Times, winners of this week.

Media Winners
Welcome back to the Media Winners, let’s kick it off strong this fortnight with an honorable mention to Maski for this spooky looking Moria shot.

For our second honorable mention, we’ve got a pristine boat pic by Foolhardy Fish- simple shot, but it looks fantastic.

Next honorable mention is gonna go to Lacotax and Mershy, for this trippy looking DA edit (this isn’t even its final form).

Honorable mention to Xmine, for this beautiful shot of the Henneth Annun area, stream sparkling in the sunlight.

Another honorable mention goes out to TheThreePizzas, for this beautifully foggy shot of the misty marsh (idk what the location is called, but it is one of my favorites and deserves more love).

Next up, honorable mention to Ginger, who has created a beautiful shot of an Andrast mountain.

Finally our media winner(s) go to Maski & Aylalya for this unorthodox style of shot. Originally two separate shots by Maski- one of them being the clouds, and the other being the rainy scene below- fused into one by Ayla, creating a beautiful scene.

Theme Build Winners


~ Lore of the Week ~

The Dwarves of Belegost and Nogrod

“…and when in his rage Glaurung turned and struck down Azaghâl, Lord of Belegost, and crawled over him, with his last stroke Azaghâl drove a knife into his belly, and so wounded him that he fled the field, and the beasts of Angband in dismay followed after him.” - Of the Fifth Battle: Nirnaeth Arnoediad, Quenta Silmarillion

These two great Dwarven cities of Gabilgathol and Tumunzahar (Belegost and Nogrod) were founded in the Blue Mountains during the Years of the Trees by the Firebeard and Broadbeam clans. The cities lay to the northeast and southeast of Mt Dolmed in the later version of the story, guarding one of the few passes over the mountains at that time. The Dwarves of both these cities would play important roles for good and ill in the events of the First Age. Throughout this period, the Dwarves of these cities traded with the Sindarin Elves of Doriath and the Noldor, learning much in secret crafts from the Eldar. Notable among their works were the weapons and armour forged for the wars against Morgoth. Among their smiths Gamil Zirak and Telchar his student were deservedly most famous.

The Dwarves also lent aid in battle, supporting Maedhros at the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, where Azaghâl, Lord of Belegost perished, but only after wounding the dragon Glaurung and forcing him to flee from the field. However, it is the Dwarves of Nogrod that were most infamous among the Eldar, for having set the Silmaril in the Nauglamir for Thingol King of Doriath, they demanded it as payment which naturally Thingol refused, leading to his murder. The elves killed the dwarven smiths in revenge, with only 2 escaping telling twisted tales to their Lord at Nogrod. Notably here, the Dwarves of Belegost refused to get involved. The Lord of Nogrod led an army and sacked Menegroth, taking the Nauglamir and much other plunder by force. On their way home the Green Elves and Beren ambushed the Dwarves, with Beren slaying their Lord at Sarn Athrad. The Dwarves that did escape the battle were killed in the woods by the Ents. None made it home to Nogrod.

At the end of the First Age the Blue Mountains changed radically, with some early accounts saying Belegost and Nogrod were ruined completely, and others saying they were abandoned more gradually with Dwarves leaving for Moria. Later accounts tell that small populations of Dwarves continued to occupy the Blue Mountains, until Thrain II and Thorin II settled there in exile.

~ Question of the Week ~

This Week's Question: The Dwarves made a number of well-known weapons/armour that are mentioned in The Silmarillion and beyond, what were they?

Question: What sign did Ulmo send for Tuor when he tarried on his journey to Vinyamar?

Correct Answer: Well done to Human100 for getting the correct answer: Swans were sent to guide him south to Vinyamar, and his eventual meeting with the Lord of the Sea.

Presented by: TheStephen

~ More Media ~

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But of course, the most important and obviously most used social network is of course Planet Minecraft! Be sure to give us a diamond there. It costs nothing! Minecraft Middle Earth Minecraft Server

~ Closing Statement ~

As said in the subtitle, mapthor has games on his phone; He also has a virus which he got while shopping - well done!

Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed this Edition of the Times. As you might've noticed, we've gotten many new members of the Team over the past week or two- with a total of now 18 members, we're looking to expand our operation here at the Times, and bring you something truly worth reading. However, that will take some time and work...this is, truly, where the fun begins.

Excellent work, Times Team!

Quote from Rikku
“Memories are nice, but that's all they are.”


The Official MCME Times
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Just armour and weapons:
- Angrist the knife that cut the Silmaril from Morgoth's crown
-Dragonhelm of Dor-lomin worn by edgy boi Turin
-Narsil used to cut the ring from Sauron's hand
-The Red Axe of Dain II Ironfoot
-the Axe of Durin made from mithril
-the mithril shirt worn by Bilbo and Frodo

Those are the ones I can name of the top of my head