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~ The MCME Times ~ [09/20/2020]

The 10th is Coming
Get your party hats ready!

Editor's Note by Mapthor
Howdy everyone and welcome back to another edition of The MCME Times! We’re so close to the server’s 10th Anniversary which means some great things are around the corner. Old players are returning, big events are being planned, and something you won’t see coming. So make sure to stick around until October 10th to see all the surprises in store for the server!

Happy Sailing,

~ Project Progress ~

Anorien - Lead: @barteldvn | In Progress
Report by Mershy

Anorien is still awaiting the new textures to continue on its way. Other details include streams that are always being dug out and built and draonic is planning farms in eastern Anorien.

Anorien 12.png

Moria – Lead: @barteldvn | In progress
Report by Mershy

Moria has successfully reached a new high. The update to the resource pack was implemented officially so behold the new textures within Moria if you pass by. Lots more work is to be done including fixes to some blocks and the rework of the custom inventory. All in all a very good progress update and exciting times for the future of Moria. In terms of building, Mershy Mines continues as we get closer and closer to finishing. The upper stairs that connect the upper layer are being changed by Itai to then be pasted in. Overall a very good two weeks over here in Moria.

Moria 12.png

Osgiliath – Lead: @ooitsbirdo | In progress
Report by maski98

The progress on the walls slowed down a little but we can proudly say that the walls on the west side are almost done. Two towers are left and we can move on to the east side for which @Rogue_Scholar is currently doing concept for the towers with some commoners, so if you want to help go and ask him for a plot. @ooitsbirdo put 100$ to donate to the server if me and rogue manage to finish the walls to a certain date. After that we are going to make a little revamp on the ruins of the city again and maybe we are done after that(the concept of which is almost done)? We shall see...

Osgiliath 12.png

~ General Announcements ~

Become a Donor
Keeping MCME running is not free, every month we have to pay $235 to keep up all our work. Donations help us keep doing what we love and providing you with amazing builds to look at. Donations are not required but greatly accepted, if you want to help us in our feat of rebuilding Middle Earth in Minecraft you can donate here.
Viewing Donation Drive: Community Costs
Our Donors
  • ItsJustPeyton
  • Nelman_Black
  • We also had 2 others who have contributed, from all at MCME thank you for helping us on this project!! :)

The Seven Stars Summer Events Supercut:

Our own mapthor has created an amazing video that helped solidify the end of the summer events.

Planet Minecraft Page Update:
Mithrilled has given our Planet Minecraft a face lift making it look up to date and official. Stop by and see all the new things he has added, and don't forget to give the project a diamond if you love the work.
Minecraft Middle Earth Minecraft Server

~ Rank Updates ~
Report by JarNO_WAY

Givet10: All welcome more Dutch power to the guide rank! Givet, a great and good-spirited commoner is now here to help out the server in teal, with his amazing tours and minigames, and he already ran the lost ring event! We hope to see much more of you in the future!

~ Interviews ~

Interview with @Givet

Question 1. What is your favorite memory from when you were a commoner?
Working on the vault,
because there i met a lot of nice people from the server, we worked there alot and we had a lot of fun, even though not everything we made was good it was still amazing to learn more about this great community and the server, this is where i became very active and started to help other people on the server.

Question 2. What made you want to apply for guide?
I like helping and entertaining people, when i was commoner/adventurer I always enjoyed joining tours, pvp, events and minigames; they make the server even better. I didn't apply for artist; not because my builds were bad but I thought the guide rank fit me better and I already had experience with the minigames badge, I thought why not try it, and so far I really like being a guide.

Question 3. What is your first memory of MCME?
My first memory of MCME is joining the server, following the footprints and thinking how amazing this server is built and how much time this would have taken. Gladly I could ask a lot of questions about the server to a bunch of nice people, and this is where I started exploring the server and where I got to know a lot of great people who are on the server.

Question 4. So far, what is your favorite part of the guide rank?
There are alot of great parts of the guide rank, running pvp/events, seeing the other chats, TPing to people and seeing your name in cyan, so I find it really hard to choose my favorite part so far, I'm also not a guide for that long, but what I really like so far is just helping new players getting to know the server and giving them information about places.

Question 5. What makes you unique from the other guides?
Because I haven't got the guide rank for that long I can hardly answer this question but I think I am quite active on the server and if anyone needs help I would be there.

Interviewer: Monster_Duck

~ Winners of “The Week” ~

This week we have another round of amazing builds and Media posts. We only choose from the best every time, so hard work does pay off. Sometimes it can get competitive and that is what will win a place here. Please give a warm welcome to this Times, winners of this week.

MEDIA Winners:
Gee whiz, #screenshot-feedback on our Discord had a boom recently, and just in time for a change in judges! I (GingerlyGinger1) am now taking over Pieter's job of judging the Media Winners. Shoutout to Pieter for maintaining this job for well over a year! Honored to be taking over his old duty, and I'm sure Soarz is relieved. We got a lot of new faces posting many impressive shots since last edition! But with a new judge comes new expectations. Remember, when taking screenshots don't you ever give up! With every shot, you're gaining even more experience.

The past two-weeks we had one pretty hard theme and one fun and interesting so we got some nice builds and some not so nice. But it iz what it iz. Congrats to the winners!

Artwork Winners

This week we had 3 incredible entries on the theme of Gondolin! These artworks really took the theme and went with it going in many different creative directions! This fortnights winner however is none other than @LeBlancGandalf

~ Lore of the Week ~
The Drúedain

The Drúedain (sg. Drúadan) or Drúath (sg. Drûg) is a race of wild Men. The Rohirrim called them Woses or Wild Men of the Woods.
They were clearly good-hearted people who suffered at the persecution by the malice of evil people; or by ignorance, as their "unlovely" (according to the Elves) appearance led many to believe they were savage beasts. Although some of their numbers joined the Edain and some briefly remained on Númenor, they largely held themselves apart from the troubles and calamities of Middle-earth, and possessed their own mysterious ways and magic.
The Drúedain were part of the Edain who left Hildórien for the West. They were harried and persecuted by other Men which made them secretive and suspicious. They wandered west seeking a land where they could be hidden and have peace.
Historians in Gondor believed that they came from lands south of Mordor, and before reaching the coasts of Haradwaith they turned north into Ithilien. They were the first to cross the Anduin (probably near Cair Andros) and settled in the northern vales and wooden lands of the White Mountains on both sides; these people carved crude figures of stone, and would later be known as Púkel-men. The Drúedain who remained in the Mountains were hunted by tall Men from the East, and were all but annihilated. The survivors fled into the forests of Anórien and down the Cape of Andrast into Drúwaith Iaur. Groups of remaining Drúedain became numerous but were troubled by a barbarous fisher-folk which dwelt in the marshlands between the mouths of the Gwathló and Isen.
Others among the Drúedain who continued west were joined by the ancestors of the Haladin and stayed on friendly terms. When the core of their team was pressed to wander on, some Drúedain accompanied them to Beleriand. Those lived among the Haladin, in the forest of Brethil. When Túrin was found by the Haladin, he identified himself as a "Wildman of the Woods". When the Haladin fell into ruin and Morgoth had destroyed all the realms and strongholds of Elves and Men, the Drúedain of Brethil dwindled to a few families, mostly women and children, of which some found refuge at the Mouths of Sirion.
When the Dúnedain of Beleriand set forth for the island of Elenna, where they would establish the kingdom of Númenor, the Drúedain refugees who had dwelt at the Mouths of Sirion were permitted to join them, where they greatly prospered. However, they started leaving the island during the time of Tar-Aldarion, foreseeing the evil that would come. By the Downfall of Númenor, all Drúedain had left the island.
Those between Isen and Gwathló were reduced to a few tribes of fishers and fowlers. They began to fear the Númenóreans and when their occupation of the coastlands began, they retreated in the mountains of Andrast, which was never occupied by the Númenóreans. Some Pre-Númenóreans also wished to flee the Sea Kings, however they were afraid of the Púkel-men and did not cross the Isen nor take refuge in the Cape.
At the end of the Third Age they still lived in the Drúadan Forest of the White Mountains, and at the long cape of Andrast west of Gondor. The region north of Andrast was still known as Drúwaith Iaur, or "Old Drûg land". Known also as Woses, they feared Sauron, and the Rohirrim, who hunted them for sport.
During the War of the Ring the chieftain of the enclave of the White Mountains was Ghân-buri-Ghân. Their most significant contribution to the Free peoples was showing the Rohirrim paths through the Drúadan Forest, thus helping them reach the Pelennor Fields soon, evading the Orc army that was waiting for them along the North-South Road. The Woses also used their tactics to hold off an army of Orcs searching for the Rohirrim.

~ Question of the Week ~

This Week's Question:{Question}
What are the 12 gates of Gondolin called

Question: {Question}
What are all 7 dwarven kingdoms, with their founders' birthplaces.

Correct Answer: {Answer}
  • Longbeards, Durin's Folk, originally from Gundabad.
  • Firebeards and Broadbeams, originally from the Blue Mountains.
  • Ironfists and Stiffbeards, originated in the East.
  • Blacklocks and Stonefoots, originated in the East.

Congrats to Mr_Kekss!

Presented by: Arothir Alamáreo

~ More Media ~

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But of course, the most important and obviously most used social network is of course Planet Minecraft! Be sure to give us a diamond there. It costs nothing! Minecraft Middle Earth Minecraft Server

~ Advertisements ~
Ahh yes. We all know the question. “How can I build?", As well as the responses “You can try a theme build” and “You can take part in jobs." The other answer is “Apply for Artist”, and the last option is by far the most exciting. Being able to build in your favorite places all the time. Sounds awesome. We can never have enough Artists, and with a wide range of current projects, there’s plenty for you to do!
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When you join the Guides, you’ll be giving tours, running mini-games and testing players in lore quizzes, or if you prefer less “on the spot” stuff, Guidebooks are obviously your zen, or helping to tell MCME about MCME by writing up articles in the times. You’ll also help plan events such as The Summer Events and The Anniversary Events. We hope you join us soon, because us Guides really would love some more of us. What’re you waiting for?
Just click Guide and apply today!

~ Closing Statement ~
By: Soarz

Hi once again times readers, thank you for taking the time to read out work. This week while was a smaller fortnight was just as fun as any other!
Until we meet again, stay safe and healthy and make sure to have fun with you life!

Great job for the Times Team, who did what they had to do, great job!

Quote from JRRT
“A safe fairyland is untrue to all worlds”

The Official MCME Times