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~The MCME Times~ #24/15 - Annúminas complete & Summer Event!


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Opening Statement

If you should have forgotten why summer is your favorite time of the year, now you know again: It's again time for the MCME Summer Events! While this year the duration of the events is reduced to a bit more than a week, lizzy_ together with all the guides has put just as much work into this year's events as the last time for four weeks. While many of the fun events will return, we also were constantly looking out for new interesting activities, and came up with multiple entirely newly developed games and competitions.
Be sure to check the >>main post<< about the events, that will take place from july 4th to 12th, aswell as all the posts that provide more detailed information on each of them. Please note that most events require a prior sign-up, so that we know how many participants will show up for these and we can accordingly adjust the setup.

Project Progress

Video created by @_Luk

Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz
- Kulmo.

Anfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @otho

Another large chunk of terrain has been shaped and converted back from sand to stone, we're about halfway through the work here now!​

(Finished) - Lead: @Fireinferno13 - Reporter: @Bilbo Baggins
After a whirlwind session of ruining as per the Purple Legion this past week, the palace was completely ruined in the best way possible, though it is said to be haunted by the ghost of @jacenpeter's hopes and aspirations, and the project has now been deemed complete! Special thanks to everyone who contributed on the projects, both building and ruining, as it turned out absolutely incredible and better than I could have possibly imagined! Cheers!
- Fireinferno13
Lamedon (In Progress) - Lead: @_Luk
It seems like Saruman standing on his tower again and issue powerful spells on the mountains, only that this time he does not let them crumble put rather rise up high from the once flat plains of Lamedon. More mountains in southern Lamedon have been roughly shaped and the progress is running at a good and steady pace.
Lond Daer (New) - Lead: @Mandos
Beside Moria, this location is the last one we already had built on the old map, but not on the new one yet. It was established in the early second age by Númenóreans as they needed large amounts of wood to craft ships. However after the downfall of Númenor it got redundant and slowly was abandoned and fell into ruins over the several thousand years until the time our server is set.
We have shown many times already how magnificient even ruined cities can be, this one will most likely even outrun all we have seen so far.
Lothlórien Vegetation (In Progress) - Lead: @Eriol_Eandur
Great progress in Lothlórien, we finished all of region 1 this week. As @Ryiw doesn't depent on jobs any more he doubled his activity in Lothlórien and built nearly all bushes, placed lots of flowers and helped with some nice small streams. I'm afraid there were only very few jobs in Lothlórien this week as I was busy with all the voxel work (and @Ryiw is doing the hand work quicker than I can voxel).
- Eriol_Eandur
Maegoth (New) - Lead: @Fireinferno13
Although Rome surely wasn't built in a day, most of Maegoth was! Tons of progress has been made building this small fishing village this weekend as this project surely will not take much time at all!
- Fireinferno13
Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: @Emilio_ & @Finrod_Amandil
A lot of hours voxelling went into the area around the High Moors this week. Hopefully soon(c) I will be mostly done there and that means... *drumroll* ... a lot of swamp jobs! Additionally I settled for a style for the High Moors, based on the awesome concepts from the Concept Build, once more a special shoutout to @Ryiw whose concept was the base of the final style!

Emil was not lazy too, he kept refining rivers throughout Eregion and beyond. Also he marked out the new Hollin Ridge in a very lovely way (check the gallery above to find out more!)
Now we can aswell reveal that Emil has been marking and preparing everything for the Nostalgic River Dig that will take place on Sunday july 5th as part of the Summer Event. We will be digging the relocated Bruinen river that day!

@Eriol_Eandur is almost as much a lore-addict at least he prove that by out-loreing me regarding the placement of the hill where the fellowship fights the wargs, good job mull :cool:
And that same guy is, just like me, not only addicted to lore but also to sand, and therefore he created another huge desert on our map, covering the two big valleys next to Lothlórien that he will work on, many thanks already for the engangement!
Moria (In Progress) - Lead: @Despot666 & @Finrod_Amandil
One thing is for sure: the Moria orcs were definitely not scared of heights, regarding what insane structures they attached to the pillars in the 3rd hall.
These orc overtaking and ruining concepts are coming along really well, and we are still discussing about the amount they will be added.
Moria is still in a deep slumber for most people, but be reassured: That will change...
Pelargir (In Progress) - Lead: @Credoo & @kisos
Pelargir is back on the road to success with the opening of the new plotworld freebuild. Special thanks to @YourDearKing for building 3 of them. You can find more info about the plotworld and how to participate in it, >>here<<. A note to all Artists+, Plots marked only in red wool can be built :D, once all the builds are finished in the market district we can start building the stalls. No jobs this week, but hopefully more to come!
- kisos

Public Projects:

Freca's Fortress (In Progress) - Lead: @Brazen_Helm
Nothing more than two fields and the palisade around the village is needed now to finish that off. It's look combines the charming atmosphere of Agar, a more rohirric building style and the massive amount of new skills that we all have gained over time. Just warp to Aldburg and then to Freca's fortress resp. that village and see the long way we have come since we have built Aldburg some years ago!
Mt. Gram (In Progress) - Lead: @_Thijs1801 - Reporter: @Nic1337
There has been some updates on Mount gram, the entrance to the lake has been made and a tower has been parkourified. Try to go from bottom to top. Medium difficulty and @yourie98 gave it a 8/10
- Nic1337

Current Plotworld Jobs and Projects:

For an always up-to-date overview, please refer to >>this<< thread.

Status Updates

- none this week. -

Themed Build

Seat of Seeing (fortification ontop of Amon Hen)
Gondor RP
1 week.
>>Themed Build post<<

MCME Activities - #3: Old Moria Speedruns

Multiple times throughout the existance of (old) Moria this sport has come up: Getting through Moria, without flying or other helps, only sprinting and jumping. For long it has been claimed to be impossible to get through there in so and so many minutes, but too often this has been shown to be false.
Thus I want to encourage you: Put on your running shoes and let us see how fast we are in 2015. As I do have mercy with all of you that are helplessly lost as soon as they only enter Moria, you can find a video of one of my own tries back from 2013; the time I got there was 18:08, my personal best was a few seconds less, and even that has already been beaten.
Also refer to the one and only map of old Moria by @pheonixsang, to be found >>here<<.

Tell us your best time below!​
Community Outreach

Screenshots for Facebook

@Tyranystrasz now has access to the MCME Facebook page and will start to regularily upload stuff there. For that he needs of course the very best of MCME and for that he needs YOUR help! If you have a really awesome screenshot to share, submit it >>here<<!
PVP Rebirth
@Dallen and @DSESGH have picked up the work on the PVP server again. If you have any ideas for new game modes or other PVP aspects, submit it >>here<<!
Scheduled Tours
If you look out for a tour and never manage to catch a guide to give you one, join us on Saturday at 9pm GMT to follow the weekly tour run by all available guides. Now you can even vote which tour you'd like to see happen, simply add your choice in >>this poll<<!​

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Closing Statement

The Summer Events are always a fantastic opportunity to see our community in all its splendour. We shall never forget that not only the creation itself that we're working on is of immeasurable value, but also the fact that we managed to bring so many people from all around the world together, to work on this creation as a community.

"What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured."
- Kurt Vonnegut
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