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~ The MCME Times ~ July 2022


Cover: Times
Layout: aylayla, chipped_cherry
July 2022
Media Winner: GingerlyGinger1

"The past can hurt. But the way I see it,
you can either run from it or learn from it."
Second Place: Silverarrow999

Page 2
The MCME Times Remastered
The Glow-up You’ve All Been Waiting For

Editor's Note: Well would you look at that, a brand-spanking-new
looking MCME Times! Kudos to Shen and everyone else who helped
plan out this new document. While it might look different, the same
content is there alongside some new stories heard around the server.
We hope you enjoy the new and improved MCME Times and
I'll see you next month.
Happy Sailing

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Page 3
The upcoming Summer Events
Tolkien Days
The current Projects
Theme Builds
Hobbit Hole
Media Winners
Volcanoes of Middle-earth
Interview & Games

Page 4
Minecraft Middle-earth
Tolkien Days Event
What a weekend!
I wanted to thank everyone who helped out during the event and for the preparations.
It was very rewarding to see so many people come together with a common passion
for the Lord of the Rings. We've had many visitors coming to our stand, some knew what
we did and others were introduced to MCME. It was also an opportunity to meet some of
the people such as Credoo, Toti, Eriol, Aylayla, Colophonia and myself (Q220),
share a drink and something to eat. Maybe a drink too much once you start
seeing two fires. ;)

Visitors received a short summary about what the project is and what activities
there are. After a short intro, people received a brochure and a
small business card. Posters of iconic locations were given to
those who chose to donate.

Page 5
We had an awesome Orthanc tower 3D printed by RVB_Legend which was a good
eyecatcher! It was also used as a donation box for which people contributed
124.88 EUR towards us.

Some of you noticed not everyone had a T-shirt this year, unfortunately we
didn't think of bringing MCME shirts with us. For next year we plan to
have some T-shirts available for people without shirts.

Put this date and place
in your agenda for next year:

2-4 June 2023
Tolkien Tage
Geldern, Germany

See you guys next year!

Pages 6-7
Summer Events
15-18 July
This year, MCME will bring you the newest edition of the yearly Summer Events! Are you
ready to play smart, think hard and mostly have fun in these events? Here is a list of
what events will be taking place. More information and the dates of all events will
follow in the main Summer Events forum post coming out soon. -Givet10_

Big Lore Tours________________________________________________
Everybody behave or we're turning
this tour around!
A new evil is rising in the desert. Werewolves have
escaped the mountains and now no one is safe...
Book Battle_____________________________________________________
You all have read enough books now, nerds. It is
time to write your own. Join the Book Battle hosted
by GotenB! Afterwards you will be asking
yourself “Tolkien who?”
Build Day____________________________________
Let’s all help out and make
the most beautiful fishing
villages on the server!
PvP Events________________________
Nothing better to cool off this
summer than killing some of your online friends.
It's summertime. Come play the newest
game on MCME's PvP server: volleyball.
MCME Quiz______________________________________________________
Fingers on buzzers everyone! Welcome back to
another year of the MCME Team Quiz Challenge,
where teams of four compete to assert intellectual
dominance in Tolkien and general knowledge!
I'm switching it up this year with some Jackbox
Party Packs for you all. Stop by, play some fun
games, and make funny jokes.
Art Competition___________________________________________
Gather your pencils, paints or whatever you
need and show off your creative skills in this
art competition.
MCME Survival______________________________________________
We go back to the basics, but in the beautiful
world of Middle-earth!

Page 8
Gladden Fields
Lead: Andrewpioneer | In Progress

The Gladden Fields project has begun main world
progress. The old Gladden Fields village and marsh vegetation
have been removed and terrain foundation work will be
starting. Aside from us breaking new ground on main world,
we have a finalized concept for the stilted marsh villages,
courtesy of Joske50. Phoenix108 has also begun modifying our
various house concepts so that we can include diagonal
structures in our settlements and ruins. Tree jobs should be
starting this week. For all Artist or Artist applicants, we are
looking for people to work on some environmental concepts;
forests, thickets, meadows, marshes, rivers, etc.. Please
contact me via my Discord @Andrewpioneer#3419
if you're interested.

Report by Andrewpioneer

Page 9
Lead: DoctorDaom | In Progress

The double trouble in Moria! The Team is currently working
on both ends of Moria to make things nice and fancy again...
and ruined. The progress in lower West Gate has slowed down
a bit due to me being busy IRL again but that doesn't mean
there is no progress at all, smaller halls connecting to the
stables are getting built while we speak. Meanwhile on the
eastern front, Badger has appeared and gotten right back into
planning and doing nice concepts for dwellings and embassy
halls. Reinforced by Credoo, these should be done in no time.
Also, we’ve populated the First Hall with some skulls and
skeletons- they even have names! That's it for now, let's
hope we can continue our progress towards the deeper parts
of Moria soon, and deliver some nicer and bigger halls
in the future.

Report by DocterDaom

Page 10
Cair Andros
Lead: Andrewpioneer | In Progress

The Cair Andros project will be resuming, but with several
changes! Firstly I'd like to announce that Mershy will be
joining the project as co-lead. Over the past week we have
been reviewing the relevant lore, similar fortifications in
Anorien and developing plans for the fortress. Expect a
major update to the project post soon. This time, like in
Gladden Fields, I will be including jobs and Artist
assignments section outlining how members of the
community can help with the project. If you're interested
in this project as either an Artist, Foreman or Artist
Applicant please contact me via Discord,

Report by Andrewpioneer

Page 11
Agar & Udul
Lead: Orruss | In Progress

Another week, another grind. After roughly less than a week's
work, the second fishing village on the southern bank of the
Isen Estuary is completely planned out, soon to be ready for
detailing and block mixing! More smoothing has taken place
below the water levels both inside the Estuary and at its
mouth. A significant amount of reworking has occurred
regarding the Golden Hill directly behind the second village,
along with the finalisation of the rock pools and small cave
directly below the village along the coast.
Until the next Times!!

Report by Orruss

Page 12
Last Theme
Medieval Village

Theme Winner

First Place goes to ThreePizzas! Love the rustic vibe, the layout
is nice and a great use of the custom inventory!
Congrats, here is a cookie!

2nd Place

Second goes to Ackincray!
Nice custom trees surrounding a more primitive style of village.
Would love to see it continued and finished.

3rd Place

Third Place goes to Dogsargent! Great to
see the plot being fully used, the farms and the
shapes are nice with the houses overlooking.

Page 13
A bit of a change this month. We will announce
the winners from The Witcher theme next month,
together with the winners of the new theme.
After this, the next theme will be the winner
of the last voting.
This month's Theme Builds
A Hobbit hole
Elven fleet/ tree house

New Theme
Hobbit Hole
resourcepack = /rp h

First time in Theme?

Type /theme to claim a plot
If you are not in creative - try to relog

Some useful commands

Go to your current plot - /theme toplot
Reset your plot completly - /theme reset
Costum inventory - press f
Head inventory - press sneak + f
Armor stand manual -click here-

Page 14
Media Winners
Report by Hohemian_Beetle

Welcome back to the Media Winners!
Our first contender is this tranquil shot by FoolhardyFish
which has already made it to the socials.
Simplicity is key with a clear sky, flat
sea and central focus on the ship, very atmospheric.

While it may be “just an average Minas Tirith shot”, Ginger has
taken the usual angle for a spin with his use of cloud shadows
here, making the White City just that little bit more realistic.

Page 15
Liking the contrast between soft lighting on the natural elements
and harsh lighting on the buildings in this shot from Jöna,
making the tower the main focus and the calm river secondary.
Nice clouds also.

The way FoolhardyFish has framed Tom Bombadil’s house with those
bushy leaves is very appealing and puts the viewer in the point
of view of a Hobbit walking up the forest path.

Another great example of Ginger’s cloud shadows here,
and the edited sky really compliments the look of Fornost at
this time of day.

Page 16
Media Winners
Congrats to all who posted screenshots. It was a hard choice,
but the winners this month are:

1st GingerlyGinger1
2nd Givet10_
3rd Stoog_gaming

Competing against quite a strong tide of Lond Daer screenies
recently, this dramatic shot from Ginger takes
our Media Winner this time. The combination of DOF
blurring, candid composition and that brooding, overcast
sky make this an extremely eye-catching shot.

No surprise this lovely landscape shot from Givet makes
it into second place. Perfectly lit and with a great mix of
foreground, midground and background components,
this is a really nice view to gaze out at.

Page 17
Great way to show off the new details added in Moria East Gate
here with this close-up shot from Stoog. Using that single shaft
of light to illuminate the models just enough to still keep it

Page 18
Volcanoes of Middle-earth

How Fiery Mountains shape Tolkien's stories and landscapes

Whilst at first glance volcanoes in Middle-earth
may seem extremely rare and elusive in the
context of such a vast landscape with many
mountain ranges, but a bit of further detective
work yields clues as to the locations of these
fiery mountains. Most well-known is of course
Orodruin, Mt. Doom, where the One Ring was
both forged and destroyed. Orodruin lies in the
centre of the northern region of Mordor, on the
plateau of Gorgoroth and marks the dark heart
of Sauron’s realm during the Third Age.

Whilst Mt. Doom must have seemed
daunting and impossible to reach to Frodo
and Sam, it pales in comparison to the fiery
peaks outside Sauron’s master’s fortress of
Angband in Beleriand: Thangorodrim.
Formed during the First Age by Morgoth,
these three mountains perpetually smoked
from their summits, and erupted forth lava
during the Dagor Bragollach (Battle of
Sudden Flame). They also marked the front
entrance of Angband, and through a
narrow ravine in the centre mountain,
marked with many towers, the gate to
Morgoth’s vast subterranean fortress could
be reached.

Mt Ngāuruhoe in New Zealand, which was
used during filming.

Mt Doom from Peter Jackson’s adaptation of
the Lord of the Rings.

Sketch art of Tol Sirion with Thangorodrim under a
dark cloud in the background by JRR. Tolkien in 1928.

Page 19
In this art, Tolkien puts the peaks at somewhere
around 35000 ft /10668 m high, (Mt Everest is
8848 m), if we assume it’s to scale. It’s highly
likely, given Tolkien’s artistic style, that this is
not to scale though, and the 3 peaks are vastly
exaggerated in the sketch. Thangorodrim
features multiple times during the wars of the
First Age: Maedhros is chained by the wrist upon
a cliffside on the volcano, and is rescued by the
valour of his friend Fingon, who has to cut his
hand off to free him. Húrin is also imprisoned
upon a chair on a precipice, doomed by magic to
watch his children fall to Morgoth’s schemes.
It’s also here that Morgoth’s power is finally
broken during the War of Wrath, resulting in
the destruction of the volcanoes, and of most of
Beleriand itself.

Crater Lake, Oregon, with Wizard’s Island
in the foreground.

Three Peaks Fortified, by Henning Janssen.

Whilst searching for volcanoes, one must look a
little harder to see further evidence of volcanic
activity. One such location is the Ring of Isengard,
where an obsidian-like material was used to
build the tower of Orthanc. This location is likely
no longer volcanic, being a bowl-shaped valley,
but hints at a history long gone of more violent
Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, marks the
location of another likely volcano. Peaks away
from mountain ranges seldom form without
volcanic influence, usually as a result of features
called hotspots in the mantle where hot rock rises
to the surface to erupt, forming the volcano.
Erebor is however likely extinct, or dormant,
compared to the more active Mt Doom.
Finally, the Vale of Tumladen in the Echoriath
marks the site of a likely ancient caldera: circular
in shape, with a newer volcanic cone forming the
hill upon which Turgon built the city of Gondolin.
The description of the valley bears remarkable
resemblance to Crater Lake in Oregon, USA.
Tolkien also does explicitly tell us that Tumladen
was the site of an ancient lake, long drained
through the valley now known as the “dry river”,
which Tuor approaches the hidden city in.

Report by TheStephen

Last Month's Question

When was the watch upon Mordor abandoned and why?

WieldableMars0 -
The watch on Mordor ended in the middle of
the Third Age because Gondor couldn't keep up
with manning them with their Great
Plague killing off a bunch of people and the
Nazgul coming back.

Question of the Month

What was the name of the hill upon which
Pippin looked into the Palantir after the sack of

Page 20
Rank Updates

-- Promotion: Joske50 --
First of all, it is my pleasure to congratulate Joske50! After a short but surely
successful Artist application, he's started by working on a guard room in Moria East
Gate. I am looking forward to see other amazing builds from him in the future.

-- Promotion: _Shen --
Secondly we can congratulate the publisher of the Times himself. Being around since
2013, with some breaks of course, Shen is going to be Manager of the Guides and
Moderators. That makes another orange Manager. We're all lucky to have him as a
part of the Staff. Excellent work Shen!

-- Promotion: Mershy --
And last but definitely not least, Mershy got promoted to Vala! We are now up to six
Valar again, plus Q of course. Let me tell you a bit about Mershy- he joined back in
July 2019 as Mershy_ and got Artist at the very beginning of 2020. Shortly after that,
in March, he became one of our amazing Foremen, and by the end of May was a
Designer until now. What an astonishing career! Congratulations Mershy, I believe
I can speak for all of us that we wish you the best in your time as a Vala.

Report by PastaBologneseV

Page 21
Find the 10 differences

Page 22
Interview with

Well hello hello hello everyone. This week we have yet another fantastic interview with
one of the amazing members of the MCME community. You know him as the host of the
Werewolf events, a reader for the MCME Book Club, and an amazing builder, Mr. Stoog!

When did you join MCME?
I joined MCME on July 11th 2019 during the Node
surge, although I didn't stick around for long at
the time. I then returned to the server in 2020 to
show a friend around, having remembered the
server after discussing with them about our
shared love of Lord of the Rings.

What are the origins of your very unique name?
My username is around 10 years old at this point,
and predates my Minecraft account by several
years. It started by a group of my IRL friends and
I all playing Don't Starve Together and each
of us had a username consisting of St(Vowel)g.
I came to this late, and so by the time I did the
same, all the vowels were used. So I instead added
an extra vowel, choosing Stoog, as of all the options
it sounded the best.

“ Choosing Stoog, as of all the
options sounded the best “

What was the inspiration to start the Werewolf’s event?
I’ve been a big fan of the werewolf and Mafia
genre of games for a very long time, so when
Emeryld decided to host a Games Night last
summer and asked for suggestions, I
immediately suggested Werewolf. Emeryld
and I were both incredibly excited about the
prospect, so while he put it to a vote which game
would be played, we still prepared everything
required to play the game. Myself, along with
Emeryld and many others helped to create the
arena, which has undergone many changes
as it was made in only a few days.
A few months back I was discussing with some
of those who helped to create the arena and
the idea of bringing it back came up, I had always
intended to continue to run Werewolf, but with
finishing college and starting university I didn't
have the time. So when it came up in conversation
I decided to bring it back with a revamp
updating the arena to a much higher standard and actually
crediting those who helped this time (which can be found
in the graveyard of the Werewolf Arena).

If you would want to see one movie on movie night, what would it be?
This is a very hard question! I have
many films on my list of top films so I
struggle to pick a specific one as my
favourite, but if I had to pick then the
original Star Wars would be up there
alongside Lord of the Rings.

What is your favorite Sandwich?
Not really a sandwich but my
favourite is cheese on toast.

How many fingers am I holding up?
5 thumbs, 2 fingers, 78 tentacles and
one dog (side note, I wasn’t holding up
a dog, but he got very close)

Page 23
If there is one place on MCME that you’d want rebuilt in real life, what would it be?
It has to be either Minas Tirith or Bag
End, both would be incredible locations
to see in real life.

Interviewer Closing Statement:
Well that’s all we've got time for folks.
Tune in next time to read more on what
is behind the MCME Community. If you
got any intel for our Team please contact
us. For now we say goodbye.

-LordReavan and Arch

Where is this?
Hey folks, I’ve been on a short vacation in
MCME and I took some screenshots, but I forgot
the location of some pictures.
Can you help me out please? :)

Message me on Discord with the name of each
of the locations @aylalya#0922.

-- Become a Donor --

Keeping MCME running is not free, every month we have to pay $320 to keep up all our work.
Donations help us keep doing what we love and providing you with amazing builds to look at.
If you want to help us in our feat of rebuilding Middle-earth in Minecraft you can donate here.
Viewing Donation Drive: Community Costs

Thank you:

-- Closing Statement --

Summer Events are on the horizon! Stay tuned for a forum
post by Givet regarding this year's list of activities :D

Excellent work, Times Team!


The Official MCME Times
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