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The MCME Winter Survival

The MCME Winter Survival
by Credoo

There lies one more present under the Christmas tree
Once opened you will find a strange key

On the key, you will find a letter
You waste no time and read it for the better

When you use this gift
your world will start to shift

Hold it in both your hands
and abandon all your plans

The key you find looks rather strange
Once you touch it you feel something changed

You arrive in a familiar environment
But this time the world is slightly violent

For in this shifted plane
is but one question; who will reign!
Welcome to this year's winter survival.

The survival is in 1.14.4 and can be accessed by typing ./mvtp survival on our main server. You exit the survival by ./mvtp world.
The world is around 50 square kilometers. There is no nether and no end.
In the cities, you encounter you will have the ability to ./buy and /sell things.
There is a special survival chat that can be accessed by typing ./su. You will also be able to read global chat while in survival mode, use local chat and use private messages.

Explore, build or destroy the world around you. The choice is yours. Enjoy your Holiday season and have fun!

Big thanks to Eriol for making this year's winter survival happen on short notice.

Ps: if you find any weird bugs (not counting the work in progress builds, wool, etc) let us know.
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