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The Well Counter


Dirt Conaisseur
You're an adventurer, exploring a brand new world of wonder, a 10-year-old project solely dedicated to recreating Middle Earth, and just now, you have found a well. Nothing especially unusual, with fences on the sides and a cobble roof. So you mindlessly peer into the inside, only to have your finger slip on the shift key. Against all odds, you have managed to fall into a one by one hole that you knew was there. Unsure of how to escape your predicament, you open chat and ask for help. A miraculous voice echoes down the well telling you to fly. And now, you soar like an eagle, gliding over the world unfolding below your feet.

You might think this is an unusual predicament, a situation that rarely happens. However, since 10 October 2020, the server's birthday, I have been keeping a counter (on a random napkin, the best place to put precious data) of every time a droog asks for help to crawl out of a well. Why? Seriously people, why? It's a ONE BY ONE SPACE. Why in the world do so many people fall in wells. As of today, 30 November 2020, my counter is at 50, hence the occasion for a forum post. These are mostly from times when I observed people asking in chat, however, a few server members have pinged me to add a count.

So, now what? What's the purpose? Where am I going with this, what conclusion does this lead me to?

You might be laughing at these droogs, but I bet you have fallen in one too. The truth is, we're all droogs at heart, and that will never change.

Nonetheless, I'm laughing at each and every one of you.


Is going on an adventure!
I bet this was sparked by me asking how to get out of a well just about an hour ago. I was in there for a good 5 minutes...lol. I felt like such an idiot. So, this is my first night playing on Java (just got a PC that can handle it). I started just playing Minecraft at the beginning of this mess of a pandemic on PS4, and got so used the to using a controller. And I am not used to, or even know the /commands. I had seen videos of this server and was so exciting to finally see it with my own eyes,... then I fall into a well only 10 minutes in... such an idiot! Oh Well. Thanks to whomever told me the /fly command. I am sorry I don't remember the username.