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~ ~❄️ The Winter Events 2019 ❄️~ ~

~~ The MCME Winter Events 2019 ~~

Tis the season again!

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Robots and Spiders, Reindeer and Snowmen, and all in between. I am simply here to tell you about our upcoming Winter Events!

As per the last few years, we've had a set of events around the Christmas period, to add a bit of Christmas cheer to MCME. And this year is no different. We've got a wide range of events coming up for you all to get your festive teeth stuck into. Without and further ado, we have:

- Festive Karaoke -
Led by @Sam_Of_Seagull

19th of December - 6:30pm GMT

Some of you may remember @mapthor's Valentine's Day Karaoke earlier this year, or even his Christmas one from last year. Well guess what. We're doing it again, but with the fabulous @Sam_Of_Seagull behind the DJ's stand. It's sure to be one stella (if NSFW) night, full of nothing but laughs, guitars and drunk singing in the style of the Pogues. Here's what Sam has to say about the event:
"Do you like singing in front of people that you have never met? Neither do the rest of us! Come join us in this year’s festive karaoke and sing your heart out to some Christmas classics!"


- Christmas Rooftop Race -
Led by @Raffyyy

20th of December - 7pm GMT

It looks like Santa Darki is having so much fun playing his Guitar or watching a Dutch documentary (We will never know which), he forgot to deliver the presents to the inhabitants of Bree. Fear not, for his valiant minions have his back. Race across Bree's Snowy Rooftops hopping from house to house to be crowned "Santa Darki's Minion of the Year"


- Christmas Tree Build Contest -
Led by @Arothir_Alamáreo

19th of December - 10:30pm GMT

It's not just all about racing, sometimes it's nice to relax and build. That's why we've arranged a competition for all you builder folk out there, to build MCME's greatest Christmas Tree! Here's a few words from our favourite Aussie Guide @Arothir_Alamáreo about the event:
"Come build a festive Christmas tree amongst the snowy and sleeping town of Bree, Christmas carols will be supplied on the day, although no alcohol"


- Snowy Hide and Seek -
Led by @Arothir_Alamáreo and @awaywind

20th of December - 10:30pm GMT
27th of December - 11pm GMT

What's better than playing in the snow? I mean staying nice and warm inside is always a nice option, but as you're on a Minecraft server, hopefully you won't feel the cold! On the plus side, if you get too cold, you can just teleport to a warmer place, which I don't think can be done in real life. On 2 dates, @Arothir_Alamáreo (who will probably be feeling anything but cold), will lead a Hide and Seek across the map, or in his words:
"There are many Aussie actors in the films, this hide and seek puts a spin on the traditional game where the locations match an Australian actor. Visit places like Rivendell, Lothlorien"


- Bonfire Story Time -
Led by @Soars

21st of December - 7pm GMT

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, as the song goes. While chestnuts sadly can't be provided, we might as well make use of the fire. Come along and join @Soars to tell glorious tails of days gone by. A Love in DA reading is included in this event. He says:
"We all have that one moment or story we have always wanted to share that has happened to us on this beloved server or elsewhere. Well wait no longer, you can freely speak about said spooky or entertaining story. This is for everyone, if your new, old or anywhere in between you have a story that someone would find interesting or funny. So don't let this chance to share that one story that has never been told slip away once again and sit around the fire during this winter's fireside story time."


- Christmas Gift Unwrapping Event -
Led by @JarNO_WAY

27th of December - 7pm GMT

Christmas is all about giving. There's no better way to feel Christmassy than give someone you mildly care about a gift they will probably never use. I'm talking about giving your Dad a pair of slippers of course. Join @JarNO_WAY in a special unwrapping event. Here's Jar's description of the event:
"Would you like to show your love and support to someone by giving them a present, but DON'T want it to be an awkward, real life thing? Well, now you can do that in MCME! Send me a DM at december 24th the latest, OR leave a book/item in the designated chests to the left of /warp Winter Events.. State who you want to give a present, and what you want to give to them (please let it be reasonable within Minecraft's possibilities). Then, at December 27th at 7pm GMT, we will unpack the gifts everyone gave! I hope to see you there!"


- New Year's Party -

Led by @Arothir_Alamáreo

3rd of January - 10:30pm GMT

It's hard to believe it's less than a month until 2020! Where has the time gone. The King of the South himself @Arothir_Alamáreo will be hosting a New Year New Decade party, where memories last few years and visions for the future alike will be shared. He says:
"Another year, another great year of MCME. We will be having a hardcore, but not so hardcore, party to celebrate New Years! Come bringing your festive spirit to celebrate the new year and decade. Festive clothing is optional but highly recommended."


So that's it for individual events, however we have a few events that will go on throughout the entirety of the Events Period. Namely:

- The MCME Writing Competition -
Led by @DingusWingus366 and @gadget271

If there's one thing we all know MCME likes, it's stories. So it's my honour to introduce you to MCME Christmas Writing Competition. Lead by the Dynamic Dingus and Gallant Gadget, this is sure to be a Christmas Treat!
Dingus has written a post here, so please check out that link for all the information you may need.

Entries close and judging begins on the 3rd of January 2020.


- Find that Carol Singer -
Led by @Raffyyy

Bree has been blessed (or cursed depending on which way you look at it) by a group of familiar carol singers. The Blizzard that hit Bree has confused them all, and they're all lost somewhere with the town. As a result, I need you to round them up before January the 4th. Tell me what they appear as and which Christmas Carol they're singing! This document should help you - feel free to make a copy of the table by copying and pasting it.


So that's it for events for now. There's more than enough going on to keep you more than busy! I look forward to seeing you all there, and who knows, maybe there will be more to come in the New Year. If you have any questions, feel free to direct them to myself or any event leaders,but for now, have a truly wonderful Christmas on behalf of all the events team, and see you all around soon!
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