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In Progress Visstick9 - Artist application


Dirt Conaisseur
Hey Visstick. Looks like you have got a solid application going here. You seem to have a good grasp for the styles of mainworld. We would like to see you try a Moria Hall, styled along the lines of the New West Gate Hall design and the style that has been tried out at /warp UWestgate. Good Luck :)
~update 13~
There you go, finished the hall. I had some help from TheSweviking who gave me some useful tips by which my initial hall was greatly improved. I'm not entirely sure on the walls though, but I hope they are allright.

- added moria hall (UWestgate)
[6875, 48, -2751]




Head Builder
Staff member
Head Builder
Media Team
Artist school house
Rather boring/plain. But good base, just needs more details/additions)
- Perhaps have an out sticking wooden top floor (like Anorien houses for example)

- Some nice structures and pretty good usage of the arches.
- Very many trees, which don't seem to fit (no forest ground/details)
- I'd expect a main structure/house for Rivendell
- I'd also expect some fancy gardens/park

New block house:
- Really nice.
- Perhaps the side building could be a bit lower, just so it's a bit more interesting.

I'd expect a more terraced looking cliff, instead of a natural looking one.
- Everything seems kind of disconnected/spread out.
- I'd expect a larger dirt road, if an active quarry.
- What's the crane for?


Dirt Conaisseur
~update 23~
I haven't made a lot of progress on the server but I have done some builds on a private world

- added ocean liner (private world)
- added Georgian house (private world)
- added baroque palace (private world)
- added Lond dear tower plot
- added pelennor fields style farm [7455, 10, -32177]
- added ruined pelennor fields style farm



Dirt Conaisseur
Hey badger,
I would like to keep the application open. However, I am currently very busy with my exams, after that I will be on holiday and I will be moving to a University. So it might take a while before I can continue.

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