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Cancelled Visstick9 - Artist application


Dirt Conaisseur
date joined: 06/03/2021

here is a list of all the jobs that I have participated in, I'm not sure whether this is enough but I will keep updating this list in the future.

1) sand3 with maski98 (placing sand slabs on walls + fixing a bad looking dune)
2) littleroads with maski98 (putting the custom grass types on the side of the roads)
3) belroad3 with EffieFrag (broadening and updating a road in Belfalas)
4) belroad4 with johnyeric (continuing broadening and updating a road in Belfalas)
5) sand4 with maski98 (placing more sand slabs on walls)
6) effiesjob3 with EffieFrag (placing slabs to make a dried river in Moria + lesson on golden ratio)
7) beaches with barteldvn (making some river beds/beaches near Lond Daer)
8) londdaerbuilday with johnyeric and _Luk (ruining LD walls)
9) stuffmoria with barteldvn (was more of an artist school, introduction to dwarven builds)
10) Effie-hittheroadjack with EffieFrag (not much of a job)
11) Effie-hittheroadjack2 with EffieFrag (replacing roads in belfalas)
12) sand5 with EffieFrag

Unfortunately I have done very few plotbuilds but I have been asking around if I could get some more

1) river plot for Xmine01 (placing wool on the sides of a river so that Xmine could change it with world edit)
2) Lond Daer tower for mattlego/_Luk (ruining a guard tower in Lond Daer still awaiting staff review)
3) entwash plot 1 for foolhardyfish
4) entwash plot 2 for foolhardyfish
5) entwash plot 3 for foolhardyfish
6) entwash plot 4 for foolhardyfish
7) entwash plot 5 for foolhardyfish
8) entwash plot 6 for foolhardyfish
9) moviecave plot for averyangrybadger
10) entwash plot 7 for foolhardyfish
11) moviecave plot 2 for averyangrybadger
12) pellenor fields plot for TheSweviking
13) entwash plot 8 for foolhardyfish
14) ironmere mine plot for w0rldunder
15) moviecave plot for averyangrybadger
16) moviecave plot for averyangrybadger
17) dol amroth road plot for maski98
18) harlond interior plot for mershy


I did some more theme builds but these were the only ones where I spent real effort into making them (givet kindly copied them over into freebuild for me at around 7191 4 -3331)

1) FFA castle (i really enjoyed building this castle it can be found at -356, 30, 56316 and in freebuild)
2) Easter (this one has a little backstory and is my personal favorite one it can be found at -32, 30, 56614 and in freebuild)
3) Brandywine bridge (I really liked this theme but I couldn't find my plot so I rebuilt it in freebuild after the theme was done it is only in freebuild at 7042, 30, -3358 only the bridge is built the plot is not fully done)
4) Dead marshes (not the best themebuild i made to be honest can be found at -676, 7, 56505)
5) green dragon inn (went with a very hobbity style,coordinates are 153, 26, 56998 and in freebuild)
6) ruined anorien village (copied part of my complete village and added some more, location : 623, 32, 57540)
7) FFA egyptian (went with a raiders of the lost ark like archaeological site, location ; -410, 21, 58054)
8) Rivendell (not great, I was testing the new blocks 68, 27, 58972)
9) rohan farm (2452, 5, 60737)
10) gingerbreadLOTR (Pelargir arena) [371, 7, 63365]

~Additional Builds~

most of these are in Gondolin (big thank you to Stephen and Sloos) but some are also in me freebuild spot at 7191 4 -3331)

1) Gondolin house 1 (my first build in freebuild) [7050, 122, -5236]
2) Gondolin house 2 [7057, 199, -5227]
3) Gondolin house 3 [6866, 123, -5212]
4) Gondolin tower
(design for inside the walls) [ 6535, 58, -5284]
5) Gondolin interiors
(I made some interiors to Stephens houses)
5) Gondolin walls (this was basically job, we detailed the walls of gondolin with a few people)
6) Anorien style house (for artist school)
7) mansion (I was bored an I decided to build a mansion, it's not fully interiored yet)
8) buildbattle #1 ( I don't know whether I should count these but I participated with one and I won)
9) buildbattle special edition (the special Easter themed buildbattle I also won this one :D)
10) gondolin park [6867, 104, -5281]
11) Gondolin mountain building
(again basically a job)
12) anorien style village [7033, 32, -3282]
13) boat [6959, 23, -3269]
14) another boat
15) mansion interior
16) amon rudh interior
17) dwarven library + village [6933, 60, -3173]
18) artist school elvish house [6984, 25, -3164]
19) viking longship [6934, 8, -3250]
20) west gate mural concept (in /rp d) [6699, 42, -3255]
21) rohirric village (in /rp g) [6619, 29, -3272]
22) rohirric houses (in/rp r) [6824, 35, -3359]
23) aelroth gate animation frames
for d3 [-1953, 11, 2163]
24) nan dawar drawbridge animation frames
for d3 [-1953, 11, 2163]
25) edoras door animation frames
for d3 [-1954, 9, 2186]
26) wooden fellbeast [7110, 42, -3048]
27) castle with animated gate [6710, 41, -3152]
28) artist school ambience [6784, 17, 3014]
29) moria hall (Uwestgate) [6875, 48, -2751]
30) artist school house [6989, 6, -3014]
31) another house [6981, 4, -3057]
14) quarry [7010, 20, -2925]
15) cathedral [7086, 4, -2839]
16) village {7247, 14, -2799}

17) dwarven structure{7197 7, -2879}
18) medieval town gate [7171,25,-2989]
19) guild hall {7204 7, -3035}
20) hobbit hole [7302, 18, -2959]

My interests

The styles i'm most interested in building are those of Gondor, in particular the ones from the regions of Lamedon and Belfalas. I like the way the colour pallets work together. One of my favorite warps is Nan Dawar I love how the castle looks and the custom textures really work together there. Another one of my favorite warps is Rendul because of the amazing castle that is built there. The things I like building most are rural houses and castles but I try getting better at organic shapes like hulls of boats and trees as well.

Your motivation:

Although I haven't been on the server for all that long I do really love the way it looks and it would be absolutely amazing if I could help in creating such a world. Although jobs and plotbuilds are a way of accomplishing that they're not always available and as an artist I would have the chance to build more inside of the mainworld. I like to think of myself as productive builder and I can really get things when I set myself do it.

I compiled a single imgur album with all of the screenshots tagged and labelled
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~update 1~
today was build day so that definitely requires an update

- added job londaerbuilday
- added park in gondolin
-added coordinates to my builds in gondolin

image gallery:

~update 2~
I only really worked my green dragon inn this week

- added mountain building in gondolin
- added green dragon inn themebuild
-added dead marshes themebuild (forgot about it in my original post)

image gallery:

Quick note, please dont use shader screenshots for your app. We want to see how the build looks in its original state. :)
sorry about that, I always play with shaders on so I didn't think about turning them of for the pictures. I made another imgur album with all of themebuild and freebuild images without shaders.

imgur album:
FFA Castle
- Not my favourite castle, I'll be honest.
- Layout is very square and boring.
- Realistically it seems to make little sense.
- The roofs are a mess.
- But that is to be expected on old themed builds ;)

Easter themed build
- Nice road mix.
- Wall is overdetailed/contains unnecessary detail.
- Terrain is a little boring, though nice that you added it. Usually you want to separate the cliff and the grass more, rather than having them randomly all over the place.

- I like the feeling of the bridge, it seems big, but it isn't too big.
- Little overdetail, a bridge should usually not have any depth really, you add detail by (a nice gradient/blockmix, larger underwater foundations for the pillars, minor ruining, vegetation...

Dead marshes
- The paths are an interesting idea, though perhaps they should have been a little smaller/more obscure
- In any vegetation build you should cover pretty much every block with either grass, or other plants. This makes it come truely to life.

Green dragon
- This is probably not the style we'll go for if we one day decide to revamp the shire
- Never the less, it doesn't look bad, and to me somewhat reminds me of the shire. (don't forget to givew each house a chimney!)
- Way too many paths for very little structures. Also paths that go between 3 or more structures should for more of a square, and in front of important buildings you would also get a larger portion of dirt around it.
- I like the market stalls and the little well.
- The trees are alright, a little too round/spherical
- The streetlights seem odd.
- Add life to a place by adding gardens, fields, carts, shacks, ruins, trees...

Freebuild anorien house
- Nice exterior
- Paths seem a bit odd, definitely think more of where people would walk.
- Instead of a wheat field, make a garden, with multiple vegetables.

Anorien village
- Nice, good layout, nice feeling of life. (though again, adding even more stuff like carts, stalls, shacks.... could help)
- Good trees
- You use a certain window/door design pretty much on every house, avoid doing that.
thank you for your feedback, here's another update:

~update 5~
finally did some plots

- added plot entwash 1
- added plot entwash 2
- added plot entwash 3
- added plot entwash 4
- added plot entwash 5
- added plot entwash 6

- added plot moria moviecave

image gallery:

~update 7~

- added plot moviecave
- added job Effie-hittheroadjack
- added job Effie-hittheroadjack2
- added amon rudh interior
- added dwarven library [6933, 60, -3173]
- added dwarven village (on top of the library) [6933, 60, -3173]
- added artist school elvish house [6984, 25, -3164]
- added viking longship [6934, 8, -3250]

image gallery:
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~update 9~

- added west gate mural concept (in /rp d) [6699, 42, -3255]
- added rohirric village (in /rp g) [6619, 29, -3272]
- added rohirric houses (in/rp r) [6824, 35, -3359]
- added aelroth gate animation frames [-1953, 11, 2163]
- added nan dawar drawbridge animation frames [-1953, 11, 2163]
- added edoras door animation frames [-1954, 9, 2186]

image gallery:
~update 12~

- added plot dol amroth road
- added artist school ambience - house
[6784, 17, 3014]
- added castle outer walls (i'm building a large castle and since it will take a while to complete i thought I'd put it on my artist in different stages) [6833, 27, -2980]

imgur album:
Hey Visstick. Looks like you have got a solid application going here. You seem to have a good grasp for the styles of mainworld. We would like to see you try a Moria Hall, styled along the lines of the New West Gate Hall design and the style that has been tried out at /warp UWestgate. Good Luck :)