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Accepted w0rldunder's Foreman Application

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Moria Hall Professional
Minecraft Username: w0rldunder
Date Joined: September 30th 2017
Country: Netherlands

Are you regularly logged on to our voice communication?

Yes, almost daily

Do you actively speak on our voice communication?

Do you have any particular skills?
I am easygoing and am quite likely to pick up several projects at once. I tend to do my research on them before I actually start building the projects. I try to change or alter something until it feels good to me. I'm precise and careful when building.
I enjoy working together with others and helping them wherever I can. I am quite ambitious and try to improve myself every time. I have a rather easy time learning new styles and applying them. I have an interest in building Nature but I won't shy away from mines, buildings, cities, murals.
I have collected the animation badge on the server and while animating I choose to follow an "experience" point of view for the player during my work so that the build or animation looks nice and feels nice to interact with.

Why are you applying for this rank?
In the past few months, I have been involved with hosting, planning, and organizing Artist Schools with Maski98, I enjoy interacting with people during those events and helping them out improving their building skills. On top of this, I ran several plots for commoners during the Ironmere mine Revamp. it was nice to plan plots for people and to give feedback on their builds. Lately, I was also involved in planning out and running a huge event. I feel like it shows my willingness to run big things for MCME and to plan it. On top of this, I have assisted Maski98 in running many jobs during the late American Hours, I have interacted with different people during these hours and gained a rather decent understanding of the type of players that join during jobs.

Why I applied; I feel like ever since I got Artist I have been interacting with the community as a Builder in a way a Foreman would, I tend to strive for project completion and for improvement of people around me. I enjoy interacting with people, helping them out, and teaching them when I can. Furthermore, I think having the Foremen rank would make it easier for me to run an event for MCME when I get involved in one. It would make me less reliant on other people to help me do want needs to be done. I also believe that I can grow more as a builder when I have something to strive for.

Some screenshots or pictures of your builds attached:
Huge Dwarven Mural - Freebuild - (-3753/21/9932)
Small Dwarven Mural - Freebuild - (-3815/21/9832)
Tree Designs - Freebuild - (-3933/24/9725)
Forest Area Design - Freebuild - (-4264/17/9652)
New Harlond Design - Plotworld - (1395/30/-2295)
Ironmere Mine with Maski98 - Main World - (3673/51/6629)
Building the Olympics - Plotworld - (-1695/73/2901)
Moria Moviecave Entrance and Mine - Moria - (-7959/91/6686)
Animations(Trebuchet in coords) - plotworld - (1742/36/2147)
Artist School - Plotworld - Various coordinates (warp Plotevents)
anduin_world - 24/07/21 - supported by Maski98

I ran a short job with Maski98 on testing the shape of the new anduin river. We dug out terrain and reshaped it to fit the new concept design.
Maski gave me good feedback afterwards. I will take it to heart and try to apply it on the next job.

Today I was running some plots for building the mini Middle Earth Race event. We worked on building from the Mirkwood river all the way to Erebor.
At first, I was just assisting Mapthor when he was offline and had to go places. In the end during the Erebor part with some convincing from Givet, I stepped up to take the lead in the final stretch of the building; assembling a team of builders.

I ran two jobs.
One was replacing the old painting with their equivalent 3d model counterpart in Pelargir.
The job ran smoothly and we were able to go over the entirety of Pelargir.
We did have one adventurer on the verge of griefing but we caught them very early on so next to no damage was made at that point luckily.

During the second job we were building trees for Cair Andros and Anorien.
I was introducing people to the new branch system, how to work with the system and how to work with the custom inventory.
Afterwards I showed people which trees I needed to be built and explained how they could follow the tutorial I had layed down for them.
Throughout the job I gave feedback to people and judged the trees they built to push them towards the quality and style of tree that I wanted.

The tree job has a lot of repeatability potential and I will be running them more in the future.
I will also be doing Cair Andros terrain jobs in the future.

I ran another tree job.
For this job, I made adjustments to my setup which I found lacking during the first iteration of the job.
To my pleasant surprise, the adjustments improved the quality of work which was done and ended up in better results compared to the first job.
I'll be fine tuning the setup a bit more and then continue running regular jobs on the trees.

Badger made a plot for me, so I will be running tree plots inbetween jobs.

I ran the third installment of the tree job series.
It was a quiet and easy job. I only had adventurers joining me, I took my time to explain them how the branch systems work.
Whenever they had questions I answered them.
During the job they were a little quiet as most people were muted throughout the entire job.
I took the opportunity in the silence to explain them about how certain things work on the server, I kept the conversation going even though I was not getting much response.
I noticed that one of the adventurers has several days of play time and has a good abilty of picking new things up fast; maybe they are future artist material? With the right support, they just might be.
I ran a Road Job at Harlond today.
We were applying two different road mixes for the roads.
Before the job started, I had already replaced the roads with two types of wool to indicate the different mixes.
Once the job started, I lead the jobbers through several steps to get the blockmix I wanted.
Nothing significant happened during the job, it was a nice and organised job, and it ran rather smoothly.
After the job, I went over the road to do some finetuning, and now I will put my efforts into street detailing for the area that has had its roads done.


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I'm running tree plots still, slowly but surely more and more trees are getting built.
I always offer people who build trees a break from them after they built a few.
It seems to be working, after the break many people tend to come back for more or bigger plots.
I will probably decide on running another job on them in the future to speed the building up a bit.
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