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What are these places? Marble Hill and Isle of bears (and the story behind Fields of Cormallen)


Slab Fanatic
For my upcoming trial tour I wish to learn about these locations (My tour will be centered around the river anduin, if you wish to know :)).

-Isle of Bears
I have been searching around in all of my sources but haven't found any information about this place. In the Atlas of Tolkien's Middle Earth There is indeed another island north of the Carrock, and it is also on Tolkien's original sketches unless my eyes are cheated by some spell. According to the name, there probably is some connection with Beorn. Was the Isle a gathering place for the Beornings? was it the burial ground of Beorn (Letter 144 from "The letters of Tolkien" tells Beorn died before the war of the ring)? Were there more skin-changers who had some sort of connection with this island?

-Marble hill This one is also a tricky one. according to a sketch of tolkien, no town should be found near the mouth of the Erui (unless the is changed by some later account). what is the story behind this place? none of my sources were adequate in finding information.

-Fields of Cormallen Don't worry, I know about this one of course. I just wonder what's up with the MCME logo out there. I've heard there was like a party by the guides of some sort, but I don't know the whole story (and I should as aspiring guide :D).

If you have any answers for me, many thanks!



Hardcore MCME-er
It's worth remembering not every location on MCME is lore significant. If we stuck strictly to what we know from the books, it would not be realistic in real world comparison.

Marble Hill is definitely a non lore significant place

As for Isle of Bears, it is rightly an actual island on maps of Tolkien but other than that.

We had a workshop in the Fields of Cormallen a few months back so that explains that

Just remember, you don't have to upturn every stone. Tolkien was a believer in the idea that every story you finish should start another one


One Of Us, One of Us
As raf said, Marble Hill is not a canon town. But in server lore, it is a marble quarry - and so, presumably very important for all the marble stuffs in big cities. (You can see the quarry itself on the northwest side of the town.) (Also they do fishing.)

@Patrick_0901 you made the warp for Isle of Bears. Any insight?


Another Moria Worker
I can't find any info on the Isle of Bears. idk where that came from. I looked up "Isle of bears" and got 4 results, all just listing it as a location, with 0 information. Very odd.