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Accepted WieldableMars0's Foreman Application

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Foreman & Mod
Minecraft Username: WieldableMars0
Date Joined: November 26, 2020
Country: USA

Are you regularly logged on our voice communication?
Do you actively speak on our voice communication?
Do you have any particular skills?
Having been a builder on the server for over a year, I've been able to mimic and adapt to styles easily, working around the map in Moria, Anorien, Linhir, Gladden, Carrock, Pelennor, A&U, and more. To complement my building skills, I have also been a Guide and have used my voice to conduct tours, which is a skill I could use to now conduct jobs. I think I'm decent at giving feedback and have been doing a lot of that in Great Mines, where I've been plot staff lately, giving out plots, giving feedback to them, and accepting them.
Why are you applying for this rank?
I'm applying for the rank of Foreman because I've recently been giving out plots and giving tons of feedback to plots in Great Mines. I do enjoy it and teaching others to build is always a nice thing. I also want to be able to help the server more and do what I can to help progress it. Given my history of holding the Artist and Guide ranks, Foreman does sort of make sense and this guy @Joske50 really wants to run jobs with me in Great Mines.
Some screenshots or pictures of your build attached:
michael fassbender perfection GIF
Update 1

Starting this application off, I ran my first job today with the help of Joske. We did a 2-hour job in Great Mines, turning wool scaffolding planning into wooden structures! We thought it was a successful job, with tons of progress being made, and many people joining and enjoying it.

Meanwhile, though, I've been doing my task as Great Mines plot staff, and I've given out five tunnel plots and accepted eight of them so far.
Update 2

Did my second job yesterday with Joske, continuing with the mining structures of my first job. This time though, we finished the structures, adding mining patches around and detailing the structures to complete them. Every wooden structure you see below was done in the past two jobs.

As Great Mines plot staff, I've given away two plots and accepted four.
Update 3

Since the last update, I've done two jobs with both going for around two hours. The first job was ruining roads in Great Mines and the second job was building wood structures in the main cave of Great Mines, this time specifically in Section 2.


Outside of running jobs though, I'm now officially project staff at Great Mines with the role of running jobs, giving out plots, giving feedback/advice to builders in the project, and checking on quality. I've also been planning out tombs in the Tombs of Dol Caranthan, having planned out three tomb sections with one having its own cave system in the back.
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