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Winter Writing Competition


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~ ~ Winter Writing Competition!! ~ ~

Hosted by @DingusWingus366 and @gadget271

Greetings and salutations my fellow MCMEers! Allow me to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! As you all know, the holidays are fast approaching and with it, the winter events are upon us! Your two favorite guides, Gadget and I, have a little something special planned for you. We will be organizing a literature competition! You’re all here on a Tolkien Minecraft server, so most of you enjoy reading, and many of you enjoy writing, so, now is your chance to show your skills! This little contest will encompass three categories for you to choose from. You can write for more than one or all 3, but you may only submit one entry per category. They will be detailed below:

      • Festive
        • Write us a Christmas story! Be creative and original. Humor is a great way to get some extra points
        • You can write a poem, a short story or essay, or any literary format you would like.
      • Experience
        • A story about something that has actually happened on MCME. We love to hear about your experiences in our community, so now is your opportunity to make it interesting… tell us about a crazy event you witnessed or a funny story between you and your friends.
      • Free-form
        • Go crazy! Write whatever you want (within reason, content should follow the MCME ToS guidelines.) Remember to be creative and have fun.

We will choose 3 winners from each category: Most Creative, Funniest, and Weirdest.

This will add up for a total of nine winners from all categories. Make sure you get your entries submitted by January 3rd and are limited to 500 words. Also, if you upload a document make sure you set it to public so that Gadget and I can view it.

You can either:

Submit your entry at /warp Winter Events if it’s in an in-game book. (In the Building on the left)


Submit your entry with this Google Form, if it’s on a google document or word document.


Anyone who submits Love in DA or any similar books will be immediately disqualified.

Thank you for participating, and happy writing!!!!

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So it’s basically 500 word challenge MCME/ Christmas version and not just for kids.
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I am proud to announce @laMoria the winner of the writing competition. It was a great story with great descriptions and setting. We really enjoyed reading it. Check it out HERE.

We really enjoyed reading what everyone had wrote. From great poetry, to stories with in depth lore to stories about the MCME Community.