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Xmine01's Screenshots


Media Team
Xmine01's Screenshots/Cinematics

I ran out of personal storage on the media section on the forums so i'm gonna go through all my old/new screenshots and give you some information about them

These were the first screenshots i ever took, i started taking screenshots because i had a lot of freetime and needed some refreshment on the server, looking back on them now i actually think they weren't that bad but they can definitely be improved by better shaders.


At this time i started using BSL for the first time and that was basically the only shader i used for a while until i found better shaders.
This album also contains probably 2 of my favorite screenshots i've ever taken (Dol Amroth and Chamber Of Light). I made the Chamber of light screenshot by only rendering in the parts that were visible on the screenshot, i didn't render anything in behind me so the sun could be visible in front of me.


I feel like this period was more about quantity of the screenshots and not quality, most of these screenshot are very boring and don't have anything unique about them. This was also around the time that i started running out of places i knew and i really had to start exploring to find new stuff to photograph.
These were also the first times i started using fog in screenshots and as you can see there was still a lot of need for improvement in that department


These screenshots are an improvement compared to the last album, i tried adding more vegetation/terrain to my shots without making them look boring.
i also started making screenshots with extreme long render distance


Exploring and finding new places such as Tarannon Falastur and Treefix, i absolutely love Treefix.
This is also around the time that I used Voyager shaders for the first time


This was when Voyager was basically the only shader i used, i absolutely love the fog and clouds in it.
I also did some more screenshots of more well known places as i actually didn't take that many of those at the start.


Continued to use Voyager but also started one of my first times using Seus Renewed. I also made my first cinematics, these were just a test to see how it worked.


Making some more screenshots in Treefix but also trying photoshop for the first time which didn't go very well xD, i also used the replay mod to take pictures with people (me) in the shot which worked suprisingly well. I also made some angles you wouldn't usually use on Minas Tirith using the Ymir shaderpack for the first time


Continuing with the less usual angles and making screenshots from extreme distances, this also contains most of my favorite screenshots i've taken atm.
First time using Robobo Shaders


First time using Vertigo in moria and i'm really confused that it looks nice in there because the shader above ground doesn't look too good imo.
Made a screenshot with 10fov and another nice one from Dol Amroth


Really Recent

I went inside moria and haven't left it now that i actually have a shader that looks nice in there, i hope that i can take a lot more nice screenshots in moria as it currently doesn't have that many screenshots. Please make more Moria screenshots

That's it for now, i'll update this thread every now and then with new screenshots.