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MCME Perks

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  • Perks are functionalities that we hand out to people who contribute towards the servers.
    Perks can either be gained by:
    * Subscribing
    * Funding the community
    * Winning perks through competitions

    20 USD* Forum ribbon for being a Sponsor
    * Discord Sponsor role
    * In-game username flair
    * Boat access
    * Compass use
    * Sit emote
    50 USD* Horse Mount
    * The One Ring
    * Light Magic Wand (requires Optifine)
    * Denethor Demise emote
    70 USD* Fireworks
    * Parrot
    * Pets
    100 USD* Elytra Flight

    Available Perks

    Horse Type
    Use /perk horse [color] [pattern]
    The perk unlocks the option to spawn your own personal usable horse on the build server.
    Colors : white, black, brown, chestnut, creamy, dark_brown, gray
    Patterns : none, black_dots, white, white_dots, whitefield

    Use /perk pet dog|cat [name] [type] to spawn your pet.
    Dismissing your pet is /perk pet dismiss

    The One Ring
    Use /perk ring
    Right click the ring to toggle its use.
    This ring will allow you to travel into the ethereal realm becoming invisible for mortals. This power comes at a cost and will drive you slowly insane!

    Light Magic Wand
    /perk light
    This requires optifine to handle the real-time lightning.
    Hold right click and left click to change the distance between you and the light orb.

    Denethor Demise
    Use /perk fire [seconds]
    This will turn you aflame as you walk and scream around in pain!

    Use /perk fireworks
    This gives you a stack of fireworks.

    Elytra Flight
    Use /perk elytra
    Gives you access to use an elytra.
    You can speed up the elytra by using fireworks.

    Sitting on chairs
    Right click a chair while you are holding the ghast tear in your hand.
    Pressing shift will make you leave the chair.

    The forum ribbon is handed out automatically by the website through a periodic job.
    If you haven't received your perk(s) you can contact q220.
    More technical information can be found at https://www.mcmiddleearth.com/community/resources/mcme-perks-manual.117/