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The Fall of Gondolin (adventure map)

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  • The fall of Gondolin was the first official Adventure map created by the Minecraft Middle-Earth Adventure Team (also known as MCMEAT).

    The people who worked on The Fall of Gondolin were:
    • Nightdusk
    • Shmattins
    • BevsForBros
    • Ryanturambar
    • Hoobo
    • Meggawatts
    • Devilius
    • Blueharvest28
    • Stokieben
    • Demonataz

    The first structure in the city to be built was the Palace, which was constructed by Nightdusk who quickly left the adventure map afterwards, this lead to the full scale construction of the city and the map.

    The project took 3 months in total to complete and was finished on the 30th December 2011 by the two remaining leads, BevsforBros and Shmattins. The map has a linear story line set for the majority of the adventure, but includes a free roam area once the player enters the city for the first time.


    The map takes place during the First Age of Middle-Earth in the region of Beleriand. It is set in the hidden city of Gondolin, and closely follows the story told in the 23rd chapter of the Silmarillion 'Tuor and The Fall of Gondolin', in which Morgoth attacks and destroys the hidden elvish city of Gondolin.

    Additional Information
    The map today has more than 100,000 downloads, and was featured in Lets Play series by many famous YouTubers, including GamersDissent and The Yogscast. The map however remains outdated and has been unplayable for many years.


    The map is currently broken due to the redstone mechanics that got outdated with the Minecraft Redstone Update.

    The (broken) map is still available by download it here. But you will have to downgrade your Minecraft to 1.4