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Questions regarding donating.

Why should I donate?

This community is entirely free, and no charges or products can be bought. There also is no revenue of any kind through advertisement or other means. The community is completely paid for by q220 and the Minecraft Middle-Earth donors. His goal is to have a free, open community, with decent quality standards for everyone.

Since hosting a community isn't free (nor is it done from someone's home), we would appreciate it if you would consider a donation. You can see an overview of the finances here.
The biggest costs are server fees and licenses.

Contrary to many scrupulous communities, we also don't force you participating into 'click games' where you have to boost our Youtube page, other social media, to get 'free diamonds' or points. We also don't force you to go through various 'ad downloads' such as adfly or other services.

Where does the money go to?

It goes directly to a Paypal account in name of q220, and is used to fund the community services only.
You can see an overview of the finances here.

Can I get a refund on my donation?

Refunds are covered by the Terms of Service. We don't do refunds on donations, but in some exceptional cases (like double billed, administrative errors, your 'cat' that added three zero's, ...) a refund can take place. You should talk to q220 about this.

Do take in mind that a donation is an act of kindness, and you should not except something in return. Donating is a gift. Donating does not give you more rights than anyone else, nor does it give you leverage to get a ban appealed.

What happens with my personal data if I donate?

All your personal information is protected, and is never disclosed to anyone. The only person who has access to this data is q220. The data consists - depending on the service you used- of:
  • Your minecraft username
  • Your first and last name
  • Your address, country and zip code
  • The amount you donated
  • The time you donated
As pointed out before, this information will never be displayed, published, or disclosed. The data is kept for statistical purposes, such as completing the accounting page to keep track of how many donations there are.

During donation drives, you can win physical prizes. In this case q220 will need your address to ship out the item(s). He will contact you personally in this case through the forums.
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