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  • Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft community that recreates the world described by JRR Tolkien and his writings. Everyone can participate in organized events in which we collaborate to create major landmarks, terrain, caves, castles, towns, farms and more.

    To get started, visit The New Player Guide
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  4. Edwinvelt

    application for guide

    Minecraft Username : Edwinvelt Date Joined : 03 February 2018 What country are from / What time do you usually play online: Netherlands, around 8 till 10 PM Are you regularly on our voice communication? Yes Do you talk on our voice communication? Yes What makes a great Guide according to you...
  5. Edwinvelt

    application for guide

    i wanted to be a guide for a long time. i played this since february 2018. instantly i fell in love with how the world is made and the effort you guys put in to this. i see a lot of abonded servers that have the same intention but just died at some point. this server is really going upwarts and...
  6. Edwinvelt

    Canceled application for artist from Edwinvelt

    i really like to help building the middle earth because i really like LOTR and The Hobbit. Date: the date i joined was the 19th of februari and i liked it already when i spawned. Themed-builds: i builded one thing and that is amon hen coördinates: 1110,5,30020 Your interests: i like to build...
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