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Middle Earth Banners 2016-10-03

Tweaks banner patterns to include Middle Earth motifs

  1. SKy_the_Thunder
    A custom resourcepack that replaces the "flower" banner pattern with the White Tree of Gondor, the "mojang" pattern with the Horse of Rohan and the "creeper" pattern with the Red Eye of Mordor.


    Just download it into your "resourcepacks" folder and activate it (make sure it is the topmost of your active respacks to avoid interference from other packs).

    Update: I also added the White Hand of Isengard ("skull") and a stained/damaged pattern ("bricks").

    Update 2: Now includes shield patterns.

    Update 3: Added Dol Amroth's Swan Ship ("square_bottom_right") and Durin's Hammer/Anvil and Crown ("square_bottom_left").
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