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Donation rewards

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  • Donation Rewards, or Perks, are given out to people who either win them through donation drives, raffles, or by donating to the monthly goal on the website: Community Costs | Minecraft Middle Earth

    Rewards for donating currently are:

    20 USD in total:
    • A 'Donor' forum ribbon.
    • Your in-game minecraft username colored in yellow.
    • You can sit in chairs with a ghast tear in your hand!
    50 USD in total:
    • Unlock a horse on the build server.

      Use: /perk horse [color] [pattern]
      You can use white, black, brown, chestnut, creamy, dark_brown, gray as colors.
      Possible patterns are: none, black_dots, white, white_dots, whitefield
    • The One Ring
      Gives you access to the ethereal realm... for a price!

      Use: /perk ring
      Right click the ring to use it.

    • Light Magic Wand IMPORTANT! Requires optifine.
      This wand will spawn a light orb that you can move around. You can change the distance between the light orb and you.

      Use: /perk light
      Right and left clicking with the wand will change the distance between you and the light orb.

    • Denethor Demise
      You walk around in flames just like Denethor!
      Use: /perk flame
    70 USD in total:
    • Fireworks
      You can spawn firework
      Use: /perk firework
    100 USD in total:
    • Elytra Flight
      Gives you the power of flight! Together with fireworks for extra speed!

      Use: /perk elytra
    The forum ribbon is handed out automatically by the website each few hours.
    If you haven't received your reward and you think you're entitled to them, you can contact q220