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    - The MCME Team Quiz Challenge! -

    Thats why Darki is there!
  2. Darki

    In Progress Marshes

    Fenmarch (Update) So today, we finished the main part of the terrain of the fen march, the blocks were mixed and the marshes are the right depth! This was done with a lot of help of people. A big thanks to everybody that participated in creating this masterpiece! For those who are interested...
  3. Darki

    Going Away Thread

    Date Leaving: July 10th 2020 Date of return: July 10th 2030 Reason or comments: Taking my 10 year hiatus
  4. Darki

    In Progress Marshes

    Although that is true for the main part it will be close to forest on the side of the marsh, so in that area beavers could live.
  5. Darki

    In Progress Marshes

    ~:~|~:~ Marshes ~:~|~:~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Project Leader: @Darki Co-Leader: @barteldvn Project Staff: @Andrewpioneer @Xmine01 @mask98 Introduction The fenmarch: Information:Explanation: Location:On the western side of the Mering Stream that marked...
  6. Darki

    The Assistant Role and Beyond

    Ow what's that you guys can't build? Do we need some more spreadsheets? No, but we can have them manage something. Okay, you get manager, you get manager and you get manager! Everybody gets manager!
  7. Darki

    Resolved how do i join the server

    you can join the server by join this IP: build.mcmiddleearth.com.
  8. Darki

    Finished My Resignation

    How dare you leave my student.
  9. Darki

    #08/19 - Ranger Camp

    Darki has a habbit of talking in 3rd person, I don't know why!
  10. Darki

    In Progress Rubber's Artist Application

    Show this application some love @rubbermonkey1!
  11. Darki

    #08/19 - Ranger Camp

    #08/19 - Ranger Camp Darki is lazy according to @TotiGonzales, but here is the new Themed Build guys. Make a nice Ranger Camp and make Darki proud! The winner will get a private dinner with @TotiGonzales or @barteldvn. Ranger Camp (concept) Reference: [Ranger Camp] This the you can do /to...
  12. Darki

    Cancelled TyGl20 Artist Application

    Hey TyGl, I really would like you to finish your Orc Structure TB. This way I can give you a proper review of your artist application. Keep up the good work! We are really looking forward to the next steps in your road to artist!
  13. Darki

    Accepted Duke0fWellingt0n's Artist Application

    Hey Duke We decided that you would finish your Lake Town TB before we review your artist application. You are inn the same position as Dahl were you activity is really good and we are really happy at your participation in jobs/plots. We only need a finished Theme Build to help you continue on...
  14. Darki

    Cancelled Dahlfc2's Artist Application

    As we talked about on the server, we decided that we are very happy with you participation in plots and jobs. The main thing that is missing before I can give you a full review of your artist application is a fully finished theme build. So I would like to motivate you to finish your Lake Town TB...