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Recent content by JCHorsky

  1. JCHorsky

    #6/10 [FFA] Harad

    ok yeah i'll just build a civilisation
  2. JCHorsky

    Quality of life changes

    i can't take screenshots anymore, when i click the image link thing, it just crashes my game.
  3. JCHorsky

    Quality of life changes

    i've started playing in 1.14.4, so i'm unsure if that's what's causing all this, but there are a few details in certain commands i'd like back. 1) teleporting i'd like to be able to tp to someone no matter what world they're in, even if i'm in free build and they're in osgiliath, i'd like to...
  4. JCHorsky

    Cancelled JCHorsky's Artist app

    holy ****, this thing is still in progress. i may as well get it, huh?
  5. JCHorsky

    JCHorsky's limited WE application

    When did you join? around 2018, July. What rank are you currently and approximately how long have you had the rank? Commoner, around 1 year and a few months. How experienced are you in FAWE? I don't even know what it stands for! F= frickin A= awesome W= world E=edit Will you need instructions in...
  6. JCHorsky

    The Future of Builder Leadership

    Well done Bart and Toti, gl!
  7. JCHorsky

    Letter of Resignation

    Gl without us BWOT , we'll miss you! But this does mean I have a monument to build in your honour...
  8. JCHorsky

    My Resignation

    Cya map, I didn't really know you but you seem to like nintendo, so I guess that counts? Who knows. Hope you come back someday!
  9. JCHorsky

    Cancelled JCHorsky's Artist app

    will do.
  10. JCHorsky

    Cancelled JCHorsky's Artist app

    i've only just tarted reading the books, so im working on it
  11. JCHorsky

    #01/19 - Dead Marshes

  12. JCHorsky

    Lore Discussion Meetings

    this is great, especially for people like me who are too lazy to read to learn the lore :)
  13. JCHorsky

    Cancelled JCHorsky's Artist app

    new screenshots, check 'em out
  14. JCHorsky

    Cancelled JCHorsky's Artist app

    Mordor? i like pointy architecture : D
  15. JCHorsky

    Cancelled JCHorsky's Artist app

    i see, come to my gate plot and give me some tips on how to make it abit less "clean"