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    No. Oh, wait I mean yes.
  2. loocekibmi

    MCME Reunion LAN party

    I like video games.
  3. loocekibmi

    Game Of Thrones TV Series (No Book spoilers plz)

    Did you intentionally leave out the best story lines? Arya & Hound - Yes Brandon Stark - Yes Brienne & Podrick - Yes Jon Snow - Yes Ramsey Bolton (Snow) & Reek - Yes Though it sounds like you were more looking at the "contenders" for the Throne. But let's be real. Who cares about that anymore?
  4. loocekibmi

    Warp List

    Not sure how having additional warps is confusing and/or unnecessary. It's a part of the world that can be seen. It doesn't take long to warp to a place, see what it is, then warp away if you're bored of it. Additionally, it gives players, new and old, a chance to see parts of the world that...
  5. loocekibmi

    Movie Night - Can it return?

    I'm going to weigh in, even though I was never really active in the earlier "MCME Movie Nights". Myself and numerous others over the past weeks have watched quite a few films, all without difficulties. Each and every one was planned for less than 10 minutes and went off without a hitch. We have...
  6. loocekibmi

    MCME Nostalgia Thread

    Like, ermgersh, I'm in some of those photos.
  7. loocekibmi

    IRL Pictures

    Well I'm glad you kept the island, was there anything on the other side of it that we can't see in the before picture? Personally, I really like the look of those old cabinets. If I was in your area, I'd have half a mind to go and pick them up from the Habitat =P But I'd definitely agree with...
  8. loocekibmi

    Darth Draws

    Are you saying crayons are insufficient?
  9. loocekibmi

    IRL Pictures

    You started with a gutted kitchen? That sounds like a tricky time to make meals. I'd be interested in seein' the before pictures.
  10. loocekibmi

    Hello. Are you related to MCME Pooh Bear?

    Hello. Are you related to MCME Pooh Bear?
  11. loocekibmi

    Minecraft Middle-earth Quotes Thread

    "Meggawatts are you related to Will Smith?" - @Bocklebee
  12. loocekibmi

    Game Of Thrones TV Series (No Book spoilers plz)

    I felt the tears wellin' up. I'm not afraid to admit it.
  13. loocekibmi

    Auto Teleport Macro

    Damnit, Dags. Why you gotta come up in here, post something that's actually useful, and make me look bad? Looks awesome, though.
  14. loocekibmi

    Auto Teleport Macro

    Based on popular request, I have made the script @meggawatts and myself have been working on public. A full(ish) walkthrough of the mod and how to create and use our script is available at the MCME Wiki Use this thread for suggestions and/or code that you have created within this outstanding...
  15. loocekibmi

    Upcoming name changes

    Good luck on that one, with you know moot being a person and all.