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  1. Portalrules333

    How large was Ancalagon the Black compared to Smaug

    I agree with this, personally I never really saw this as a problem due to the intentionally mythical aspects of the earlier ages/battles. Plus, the original battles help signify the transition towards the age of men, the age we live in now is completely normal and unmythical in contrast to the...
  2. Portalrules333

    Official announcement regarding the recent bans

    Seems fair to me....hopefully we can all at least partially move on from this unfortunate event.
  3. Portalrules333

    Goodbye from me

    Dang, I come back for the first time in six months and all this happens. You were one of the first players I remember seeing back when I joined in 2014, and it's sad to see you go. Maybe we'll meet again someday, if the fates align.
  4. Portalrules333

    ~The MCME Times~ #01/17 - A New Year's speech

    Would it be possible to add that to the poll, or is it too late now?
  5. Portalrules333

    Dol Amroth

    It feels like yesterday that I first visited Dol Amroth after its completion, and already it's being revamped..........they grow up so fast. :(
  6. Portalrules333

    Fortifications along the Anduin

    Hmmm, I feel like I've heard something along these lines in the news lately.......I just can't put my finger on it, though.....
  7. Portalrules333

    ~The MCME Times~ #20/16 - Unlight the Beacons!?

    I hope you aren't suggesting what I think you're suggesting.....:eek:
  8. Portalrules333

    ~The MCME Times~ #20/16 - Unlight the Beacons!?

    I don't have any issue with having the beacons only going to Halifirien....it fits with the lore, and as long as they stay lit I really have no complaint.
  9. Portalrules333

    ~The MCME Times~ #20/16 - Unlight the Beacons!?

    First of all, I'm really sorry for my word OCD but it should be unlight not unlit. :p I'm usually for staying accurate to the timeline, but in this case I don't think it's necessary.....it's not like having the beacons lit would create a massive time paradox or anything. Personally, the...
  10. Portalrules333

    ~The MCME Times~ #18/16

    Yeah, you see Gandalf (in the heat of the moment) pulled Merry onto the horse instead of Pippin. Turns out Merry was wearing Pippin's cloak, and slept the entire way to Minas Tirith, so Gandalf noticed his screw-up too late. That, of course, forced the eagle switcheroo. Hey, even wizards make...
  11. Portalrules333

    What is the scale of the world?

    I had a huge stack of paper, pencils, and my calculator ready to try and calculate the scale.....that's when I realized that I may not be getting the most out of my life....:(
  12. Portalrules333

    Why do I get lost...

    Come on man, the PotD aren't even 2 years old yet....can't you wait a bit longer to reveal spoilers? :D
  13. Portalrules333

    ~The MCME Times~ #19/16 - MCME goes 360

    The 360 video is amazing! I've never seen that concept used in Minecraft (or for that matter anything) before. Thanks for this great achievement @Tyranystrasz !
  14. Portalrules333

    ~The MCME Times~ #18/16

    Wow....has anyone ever gotten heat stroke from working in that kitchen? :eek:
  15. Portalrules333

    Thoughts about Framsburg (and some apologies)

    Osgiliath consists entirely of one big circle/oval shape.....