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Recent content by slaMoria

  1. slaMoria

    Contest MCME's Artwork Bonanza

    Barad-dûr, the dark tower of Sauron, as depicted in the books. It has been drawn with pencils but since I am not home, i could only use my bad camera to record it. But here it is!
  2. slaMoria

    Cooking for Hobbits! Event!!!

    Everything seems so tasty here. I will have to try some of those meals one day. Amha, ooit, you have to give me the recipe
  3. slaMoria

    Cooking for Hobbits! Event!!!

    King's quiche Every year in Lamedon during the hot month that follows Midyear's Day, people cooked a pepper quiche, in hope that the king would come back. After Elessar's coronation, this tradition continued but Gondorians added red pepper to picture the renewal of the white tree. Ingredients ...
  4. slaMoria

    ~ The MCME Times~ [06/28/2020]

    It is dangerous business Frodo going out of your door. You step into the road and if you don't keep your feet, you may end up getting Covid-19. Do you realize that this is the very path that goes through Eurasia and if you let it, it might take you to the Wuhan wet market or even further and to...
  5. slaMoria

    Who Last Saw The Ring? Event!

    how do you know you've found the one ring ?
  6. slaMoria

    Contest Wide screenshot contest

    Congratulation to the winners !
  7. slaMoria

    An open letter to the active community of MCME

    Well ... this open letter is definetely not addressed to me. Toti, you should remember this simple thing : Minecraft is a game, you should be able to chill sometimes and be unproductive, that's not that bad for MCME and great for your mental health. Thank you for your commitment to the server...
  8. slaMoria

    Lond Daer Style

    Would there be any dunlandic settlement in the lond daer ruins ? It seems a nice spot to settle, great river and port.
  9. slaMoria

    Old MCME

    I don't think it will be available to download because it's been MCME's policy for years : no downloading of maps. But regardless of that, we should have a /oldMCME available, I agree.
  10. slaMoria

    ~The MCME Times~[01/11/2020]

    I didn't know my story was zelda related :p Here is the true Link : Dark days on numenor Thank you for the compliment by the way. I'll make sure to continue this story, so maybe we can see how ************* dies
  11. slaMoria

    ~The MCME Times~[12/15/2019]

    wow, those grass textures are astonishing, I can't wait to play with them. Great job to the texturers (as always).
  12. slaMoria

    Winter Writing Competition

    I hope we will get the chapter 3 of Love in DA :)
  13. slaMoria

    IMO not being in my opinion

    Don't worry, there'll still be plenty difficult questions for you. ;)
  14. slaMoria

    IMO not being in my opinion

    I think the hardest thing won't be the actual maths, but understanding the English used for maths.
  15. slaMoria

    Going Away Thread

    Date Leaving: 13th of July Date of return: 25th of August Reason: holidays in places where WiFi is little to non existent. I will have some though.