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Artist Manual
This guide is a compendium of all information an Artist should be aware of, both helpful for newly promoted Artists as well as people who are interested in getting the rank and want to know what to expect.

All Artists need to read and abide by this manual as long as they hold the rank.

As Artist you will share the rank with around 20 - 30 other players which makes it the most common rank after Adventurer and Commoner. The main requirements for Artist are very good building skills, mature behaviour and having been active on the server for some time. To obtain the rank you need to apply by making a thread in the Artist Applications forum (Artist). An explanation of what you should include in your application can be found here: Must Read - Artist Application Format

New commands

As Artist you will get access to a couple new commands:

/tp <player> allows you to directly teleport to a player without having to use /tpa first. However this is bound to the limitation that you need to ask every holder of a higher rank (namely Foreman, Designer, Enforcer and Head...) whether it is okay to teleport directly to them. Keep using /tpa unless you have the explicit agreement of the staff member or Foreman you want to teleport to that it is okay to do so.

/vote <player> allows you to vote for Adventurers that you feel have earned the rank of Commoner. Doing this will add one vote to their score, bringing them one step closer to becoming a Commoner. You can only vote for the same player once. Vote for a player if he is spreading a friendly vibe, shows interest in the builds, helps in jobs, joins tours, talks on Discord, etc... Do not give out votes solely because an Adventurer asks for them.

Additionally you can switch gamemodes with /gm 1 for creative mode, /gm 0 for survival mode and /gm 3 for spectator mode which allows you to fly through blocks.

And whilst you already had access to many of the commands and functions of the Architect Plugin as Adventurer and Commoner, it contains a lot of things that are especially useful for Artists to know. The manual for the Architect Plugin can be found here.

New build permissions and restrictions

The most significant change when you get Artist is that you can alter any block on the entire build map without technical restriction. Furthermore you will now have access to the creative inventory at all times.
By now there should only be few blocks left that you can not place by yourself, if you encounter such a block ask a
Designer to help you out.

However these new rights come along with new rules!
You may alter blocks in the following situations:

  • A task gets assigned to you by a staff member or Foreman:
    This is the most common way to get something to do as an Artist; of course you can also ask a staff member or Foreman whether he has something you could do if you get nothing right away.
    Typically you may get assigned one of these tasks:
    - Build a house / tower / bridge / other building.
    - Ruin a building.
    - Terraforming tasks (glacier tunnels, small rivers, river sources...)

    At a later point you may also be asked whether you want to take on or contribute to bigger and/or more complicated tasks, as leading/construction small towns or city areas or erect larger buildings such as palaces and similar.

    The staff member / Foreman will usually give you some specifications (style, materials, size), if not it is up to you to elaborate these things and build a matching object, or ask the person you got the job from if you can't figure it out yourself.

    Of course you can always refuse to do something you're being asked to do. However, as that is your main job as an Artist Staff members / Foreman usually expect that you help them out, unless you're already busy with something else.
  • An Artist invites you to help out on an assigned task:
    It is possible to share the work you get assigned with other Artists, resp. it is fine to accept the offer of another Artist to help him or her out. Make sure all information given initially by the staff member / Foreman passes on to the second Artist.
  • Fixing derps:
    You can both fix derps posted in the Derp Report Thread as well as derps you find yourself without asking for specific permission, given the derp clearly is a derp and that it is not a terrain derp in an area that has never been worked on. If you are not sure whether it is a derp or not, ask a Designer first.
    If you fix a derp from the Derp Report Thread please do leave a note in said thread that the bug has been fixed.
  • Adventurer / Commoner tasks:
    Other than that you of course can also tune in into any building occasions you could do before already, namely Jobs, Plotbuilds and Public Projects.
In all other cases altering blocks is prohibited and is counted as griefing which will be punished with a demotion to Oathbreaker. (You will usually get Artist back however, after you get repromoted).

Demotion from Artist

If you are inactive for a longer period of time you will be messaged whether you are still interested in holding the rank. Upon that you may get demoted back to Commoner. Furthermore inappropriate behaviour and infractions of the Terms of Service and Rules may also lead to a demotion.
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